Profession Traits

Hey everyone, im just wondering what profession traits like Police Officer, Skater, MD, Black Belt, SWAT Officer etc do exactly? I mean I googled it and it just says “also grant you special profession traits which are based on the characters’ career before the Cataclysm and grant you access to equipment and places that you might not otherwise be able to attain among other bonusses.” so does that mean if I choose a cop I wouldn’t have to hack the police station armory or something like that?

Any help would be fab.

Ones I know:

Police officer: Eyebots won’t summon enemy robots (since you’re a cop, obviously responding to the ‘break in’)
Skater: Don’t fall over if melee-fighting on rollerskates
Martial Artist / Black Belt: Start with a martial arts style. May have other effects.

Ooo! thank you that actually really helpful :smiley:

Eyebots despawn if you’re a police officer, which could be a waste if you’re looking to craft security cameras. They only do that if they see you, and you have to be wearing the badge as well. I recall if you get the marshal trait via the old guard mission, and are not wearing the badge, eyebots will summon hostile cop riot bots, and those won’t be friendly if you wear the badge then.

Security camera’s are easy to find in the cleaning robot cars around town though.

I like to get a badge and wear it, just to attract more because all of the bots are good sources of parts for other things. :wink:

You can have some real fun with profession traits in the JSON files. I just made a test xenomorph style class today that I’m derping around with and figuring out the balance on.

Also I believe the trait for the Doctor profession automatically removes any chance for “bad” bionic installs. You can still fail an install, you just won’t fuck it up spectacularly and stick it up your nose or anything.