Profession abilities

I’m wondering about coding support for professions to have unique abilities.

We already have this to a limited extent - skaters for example get some bonuses using rollerskates.

Are there enough ideas to make this a viable suggestion?

I always like the idea of military and scientist clearance levels. Some locks requiring id cards would be higher tier and require more “advanced” id cards. Professions would also start with different military/scientist ranks making opening some of this locks without the id cards possible.

Those would be things you can find though. Its not an innate abillity granted by a job.

I can t think up of anything that has to be tied to a job and can t just be made into a trait.

I always thought of the jobs to be a way of getting abillities and items for a discount . The tradeoff is that you can not freeform edit the loadout

I am mostly going basic survivor.

How about something like skater but for bicycles? “Cyclist” It allows the user to be better at using muscle powered engines (bike pedals for example.) increasing engine output.

I don t see why we shouldn t just make that a trait.

That’s what I am referring.
Some traits are tied to certain professions and can’t be acquired elsewhere.

That’s what I am referring.
Some traits are tied to certain professions and can’t be acquired elsewhere.[/quote]

And what i am saying is : Why do we not just free them all and make them traits?

Theres no trait i can think of that needs to be tied to a job exclusively.

Having a tailor also be an MD would be weird.

Having an MD be a capable tailor isn t something super strange or impossible though.

You can freeform do weird combinations of skills already anyway.

Or do you want to restrickt what your char can learn at chargen by profession?

Possibly this. 5 clearance levels? A career scientist could start out with a lvl 4 card. A lab assistant, lvl 1. Although walls and other pesky obstacles can be destroyed pretty easily. :expressionless:

Labs could use more card readers.

My 2 cents:

  • Soldiers: learn marksmanship and gun skills faster and/or lose them slower (if skill decay is in use)
  • Gunsmith profession: free all gun attachment requirements from the start. (not that overpowered as it might seem)
  • Police officers: Unique additional mode for flashlights, so you’d have on/off/tactical. The tactical mode flashes the light on every now and then automatically.
  • Medical professions: Higher success rate and better result with medical supplies. Start out with certain relevant crafting recipes memorized (potentially outside skill level).
  • Car mechanic: -2 to all vehicle part skill requirements. Vehicle part removal/installation/repair takes less time.
  • Race car driver: Bonus to all vehicle acceleration (combustion engines only).
  • Gas station worker: Free fuel from pumps due to possessed emergency override codes. Never spill fuel.
  • Construction worker: 30% faster construction. Far fewer, and less severe building collapses.
  • Drug addicts: Find more of certain drugs and syringes (or other drug parape… paraph… equipment).

I don’t have any idea to add right now, but I do think this would be a good idea!

I like quite a lot of these suggestions but we have too many professions to provide them for all.

not all of them need them

No, but we risk creating a few overpowered professions if the majority don’t. One option is pushing outliers to the more professions mod.

I am thinking of a tier system for professions and have them seperated by scenario; example the precinct z scenario, we can have one like that for military professions or one for the survivalists/preppers and then exclude them from the evacuee/missed scenario. This could avoid clutter, make professions more niche instead of choosing the most optimal, and would make new abilities easier to share with other professions.

Currently the only big difference between scenarios would be that mutant scenarios get mutant traits and that the hospital challenge scenarios get the horrible crippling traits.
This gives us only 3 categories to separate.
Still, it could be a good idea to have some extra perks for the weaker starts without allowing the good ones to benefit from it.

Elementary school student: Starts off with fast learner and lightweight traits, maybe “child” profession trait which gives extra dialog options, makes certain speech checks and such be much more easily obtainable.

I.E instantly convincing an NPC to be a companion because you’re a small child (like when you’re holding a mininuke and ask for supplies), maybe even have bandits and such not rob you. Lower chance to intimidate people.

I dunno, I just find it weird that adults in the cataclysm just treat elementary school students like they’re adults, and not be somewhat protective of them.

Sniper related professions have better chances to hit at range
Hunter professions have better chances to shoot with their specific weapon.

I’ll brainstorm on ideas a bit more before I post more.