Monster options

I was playing Cataclysm when I though that it would be goodTo be able to disable monster at choice at the start of the game.

This would allow the player to choose what type of apocalypse they want


There was talk of a ‘Classic Zombie’ mode a while back that disable non-zombie units - if that’s the kind of direction that you’re heading here? I believe that a mod was made, and I seem to recall Whales stating that he’d like to incorporate such a mode into the game at some point.

I must admit that I’d quite like the option to have a Classic mode in Cataclysm, not that there’s anything wrong with the current monster setup of course.

I want to be able to disable any mob I want, so queen triffids don’t kill my base.

There’re hooks in the game for doing stuff like this, and a classic zombie mode in particular is something I’d like to do.

Thank you. You genuinely made my day with this.

Thank you. You genuinely made my day with this.[/quote]

You might be surprised what you can do on your own! For example, I am implementing a body temperature system that is turning out to be quite far reaching, and I only had very little C++ experience before hand. You might be able to poke around to see how the game works. Albeit, it might take a little more digging around than what I did ;p

Totally, if you can catch me on IRC I’m more than happy to mentor people on improving things.

While I fully appreciate that sentiment, my commitments take up far too much time these days. I did my stint coding a couple of decades ago, and I’m not sure that I - nor the missus - would ever be ready to re-visit me staying up most the night, and having “idea notepads” at the side of the bed when I do finally lay down! I’ll leave that to my son now thank you very much!

That said, I’d never put anyone off trying their hand at such a potentially rewarding endeavor, and I can’t show my gratitude enough to you guys that do continue to work on this gem of a game.

I know what you mean, and not trying to put pressure on anyone to contribute, just greasing the tracks :wink:

Your appreciation is appreciated :wink:

I also want to be able to turn off monster senses, so I can rid myself of the godawful super-scent zombies.

I don’t mind the monster’s, but I would like the options to turn off the special zombies. My idea of zombie survival is shambling hordes that surround and trap you if you aren’t careful. Shockers, spitters, and the other specials kinda ruin that feeling for me.

I just want to be able to stealth, breaking line of sight and making almost no noise should stop zombies from following my 50+ overmap tiles.

Agreed, this is something that I would very, very much like to see. I’d love a ‘vanilla’ mode with just normal ‘Z’s’ (possibly also fast Z’s) and non-weird animals, as for me it gets a bit jarring to have on one side one of the best ‘realistic’ survival games coupled with crazy-acid-spewing-ghost-ant-whatevers.
As gtaguy did point out though (in a strange way) I think it would be good to ramp up the difficulty of normal ‘Z’s’ in a vanilla mode so as not to have an ‘easy mode’.

hahaha yes I’d definitely be ramping up difficulty of vanilla Zs, mostly with sheer numbers.

Lower the scent abilities if they are spawning more.

Agreed, I’d love large groups of them milling around and possibly not quite so ‘hunter-killer’ but after a bit of playing around, I think fast zombies are a must in a vanilla mode, as otherwise it’d be too easy to just Adderall and outrun any large shambling groups.