Removal of "Special" zombies (as an option)

I was just thinking that maybe there should be an option for removing all “special” zombies like skeletons (not really a zombie but you know what i mean) boomers and spitters.

im not a coder so i have no idea if its hard to implement but if its not i dont really see a reason for not doing it.

I think the devs are trying to implement something like that, a menu or something that allows the player to choose what he wants to play. Normal zombies in a forest. Hulks only. Big-ass city only…

Well there’s a mod that does pretty much that, Cataclysm classic Zombie Survival.

Dont feel the need to get defensive, as these questions are purely curiosity based: Why do you want to be able to disable the special enemy types? Do you not like them thematically, or are you a relatively new player and thus find them difficult to deal with?

Cataclysm can be a fairly brutal game for new players, im fairly new myself. But the reason i ask is because i find the combat in cataclysm is a little on the dull side at times. There are two main tactics that seem viable. Either you kite enemies with a ranged weapon, or you lure them onto tiles which are hard for them to climb onto, and then proceed to attack them and get plenty of free hits in. If one were to start removing the special variety of enemies, the game ceases to have much challenge or strategy and begins to feel somewhat stale because you end up approaching all of the battles the same way… you go hide in a house and fight them as they crawl in the windows, or use bushes and trees while in the wild.

While i think that having the option to disable these things can be a good thing, it does have a few drawbacks too: Its going to be even harder to balance if players are playing with different sets of enemies enabled. Also many items in the game could become unnecessary or useless because the threats that they were created to deal with had become disabled. But with that said, it would allow people to play the game their way, on a difficulty level that they found enjoyable.

Like theShaikan says, there is a build of the game out there that simplifies the monster types somewhat, ive not played it myself however. You can find the thread for it here:

well, yes i am quite new to the game and it is hard but thats part of the (!!!)fun(!!!) but it was mostly a suggestion to allow people (like Reservior) to play in their own way. I personally am not sure if i would enjoy playing without them but its just something i would like to see in the options screen

I just want to say that I enjoy slaughtering zombies, normal ones, specials and hulks. But maybe playing in specific places, with specific zombies and with specific equipment (item restriction) would make the game more fun or hard to the people who already got tired of it or don’t find it challenging anymore.

Whoops sorry Reservior what i meant to type within the brackets was: like Reservoir said. I did not in any way try to point you at as a person who did not want special zombies. just a silly mistake on my part

Well, it seems like there’s a general trend of taking things which are easily and frequently modded, and moving them into option files. Sure would be nice if monster spawns made it. Item and building spawns would be nice too.

Options like this make for great replay value, and can ease the learning curve for new players while allowing greater challenges for more experienced ones.