[MOD] return_the_nut: Crafting pine nuts since cooking 1 survival 2

Returns unto us the nut that was lost.

In case it wasn’t already clear, this is a simple mod that adds the crafting recipe for pine nuts back into the game. It’s my first attempt at modding, and it still only took about 20 minutes.

The mod can be found here: https://github.com/ERRORCODE509/return_the_nut

As stated on the Github: I’m aware that this isn’t lore-friendly, and I don’t care.


(Ignore this reply, I was an idiot earlier.)

Wanted to check this, but this is just nuts.

What’s the context about them being not lore-friendly? No pine trees?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I heard somewhere that the crafting recipe was removed because the pine trees where the game is set don’t yield the correct form of pine nuts. They still have edible seeds, but they aren’t the same kind that you would normally find.

Then that’s a perfect place for a mod to “help out” the gameplay aspects. :smiley:

Oh, the conversations about gameplay vs. “realism” on this here game…

Personally, I just want my pine nuts.

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if your setting shifts over to the western US or some places in Europe, pine nuts are a resonable thing to have around, then it would just suffer from needing more extensive processing than the game represents, a shorter available season (especially since you’re racing squirrels and such to get ot them), and probably lower yields.

To be clear, the reason I was looking at doing something with pine nuts in the first place is they were screwing with game balance, but once I did some basic checking and found out they aren’t even present in new england, I just removed them instead of doing one of the more involved solutions that would have also nerfed them into near-uselessness.

In short, this was never realism vs gameplay, this was realism and gameplay being in total agreement.

Yeah, I completely understand. They were quite unbalanced (which is why I brought them back), and the removal of their crafting recipe is by no means a detriment to the game. Balancing realism and gameplay is a hard thing to do, and some features just won’t make the cut. I bring up realism more as a joke than anything, as I know it’s a subject of much argument that has no reason to be. It’s a game, and you have the right to change the game as you see fit. If someone doesn’t like a feature or change, that’s their problem. If they want, they can mod in something to fix or replace it. Otherwise, they shouldn’t complain and just enjoy the game for what it is.