[MOD] convert_the_nut: Proving that the pine nut is the superior form of nut

Proving that the pine nut is the superior form of nut.

This mod is the second part of the _nut series of mods. This mod allows you convert various types of nuts into pine nuts, the peak form of nut. Crafting requires a heat source and an item with mana infusion, chem 0, spellcraft 1, and cooking 2, proficiency in alchemy, and 3 hours (there’s a batch craft reduction, of course). Probably should mention that this mod requires Magiclysm, in case that wasn’t already apparent. Everything from peanuts to acorns can be converted to pine nuts (don’t question my decisions, coconuts are definitely a nut and I’m not changing it). Also includes pinecones in the crafting recipe for those that want a more “lore-friendly” way to make pine nuts from pinecones.

Here’s the link to the mod: https://github.com/ERRORCODE509/convert_the_nut

If I missed any nuts that you think should be included, feel free to tell me. Preferably here and not on the Github, as I barely understand how to use Github.

You probably have one question: Is this mod balanced?
To that I say, no. No it is not.

You are nuts, my friend :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
(Don’t take that literally and actually turn into a pinenut construct)

Don’t give me any ideas. A pine nut golem could be next.