Need help creating a list of ideas for an upcoming mod

For those that haven’t seen my last post, I’ll include it here.

Use this thread to post any and all recipes you’d like to see included in the mod. Just make sure that nuts are used in the recipe somewhere.

If we get enough into the mod, we may be able to setup a pull request and get the recipes included in the base game. As such, no jokes here. I’m not going to include a recipe for extracting cyanide from bitter almonds or anything like that. Good luck lads.

You can monitor current progess on the mod here:

Acorn Milk - “Suddenly Almond Milk looks quite appealing, the taste is acquired but it beats plain water.”

Tool that can boil and cook water
Tool to mush, de-shell, and dry acorns
•Eight Acorns
•Four cups of water

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Pretty good idea. Nuts irl are a super valuable crop when it comes to feeding a populace because they’re so darned full of good stuff. Peanuts (and I’m gonna treat treenuts as nuts even if they’re legumes) I’m thinking, need a much bigger presence in the game. I was a peanut farmer for a short while and my stepdad still farms them, and it ain’t a fun job. Peanut oil is obvious, but I’m sure one could make peanut milk with a quern/ mortar and some kind of strainer. Peanut flour is also useful, but it might already be in the game
Almonds, pecans, cashews, peanuts, they should be able to replace meats in certain foods. A lot of pies use them (peach cobbler, apple, blackberry, cherry, pecan pies) and chickpeas can make hummus and a lot of Indian foods I can’t even think to list.
Thanks for taking the time to add to this game, minor or major, and sorry if this reply is scatterbrained


Hey, thanks for the ideas. I’d recommend posting them here as an issue (a simple copy and paste is fine), as I don’t check here very frequently anymore. Just be aware that I’m currently on a bit of a modding hiatus, so it could be awhile before I start adding things again.