So do recipes only load on world generation now?

Okay so I copied the recipe for the pine nuts from an earlier version and set the obsolete value to false but the latest experimental the recipe refuses to be available.

Not that I’m aware of.

Which one? I have to assume you mean the one your could extract them from a pinecone…

Do you have the necessary skill(s)?

I can confirm that they load every single time you load the world.

Yes also I was not aware there was another one.

Yes to what? That you do have the necessary skill or that that’s the one you trying to add back in?

I don’t think there’s an other one, but since you did not state from which version you took the recipe nor from what item you want to make pine nuts I just took the first thing that popped up in the search and I’m not going to check every version in existence for an other possible recipe.

Anyway, I tested it (in build 0.E-10839) and it does show up if you do have the necessary skill and added it in right.
The only problem I see is by setting the "obsolete": false on the pine nuts recipe, it breaks it (it will always show up in the crafting screen and can be crafted at no cost - feel free to file a bug report). But if you remove that section completely it works fine.

I was saying yes to having the required skills and I didn’t add obsolete: false to the recipe itself, I just did that to the recipe_obsolete. The version I copied the recipe from was experimental version 0.D 10382.

With that said apparently the issue was either that there was a second entry or that said entry was an obsoleting entry even though obsolete was set to false. Either way it’s working now.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve written above. Setting the entry pine_nuts in recipe_obsolete.json to false instead of deleting it will screw up the recipe.