[MOD] consume_the_nut: Giving you a use for that half-ton of pine nuts + Update on the next mod I'll make

Giving you a use for that half-ton of pine nuts.

This mod is the fourth entry into the _nut series of mods. It adds more uses for all of those pine nuts you’ve managed to collect. Options include pine nut milk, pine nut pulp (the byproduct of pine nut milk), pine nut ambrosia, pine nut butter, and pine nut meal. Provided that I managed to code things right, pine nut butter should be usable as peanut butter in recipes, and pine nut meal should be usable to make flour and bread flour. It case it wasn’t already apparent, this mod is meant to be used with my previous pine nut mods.

Here’s the link: https://github.com/ERRORCODE509/consume_the_nut

Be Warned: There is an error on world loading that I have yet to narrow down the cause of. Shouldn’t effect anything, but wanted to make sure people were aware.

On a different note, making this mod taught me something. C:DDA doesn’t have a lot of crafting recipes that use nuts. My original plan was to add a variant of every food item that used a nut in its recipe that instead used pine nuts. While I have succeeded in this goal, you’ll notice that the list is, well, short. The most complex thing would be peanut butter or pesto. Kind of boring in my opinion (though pesto is quite good). There are a few recipes that use peanut butter and pesto, but the list is short. I think it’s around a dozen if you combine the two lists. If you have something other than peanuts or pine nuts (prior to this mod) all you can craft is the roasted form of the nut or imitation peanut butter. That’s it.

As such, I want to change this. The next mod that I make won’t be in the _nut series of mods (I know, its a disappointment for many of you). It will instead be a mod focused on adding more recipes that involve nuts to the game, and not just pine nuts. This isn’t a mod I can make entirely on my own, however. I’ll need help from the community to create a list of recipes that use nuts. These could range from salad with slivered almonds to a nut-based halva. Don’t post those here, however. I’ll open a separate thread for those.