Mighty Weapons

Just a quick thought : We already have mutations that alter player size, powered armor hauling frames and hydraulic muscles–yet no weapons that really take advantage of that.

My suggestion: Add several weapons–some craftable some not–that require 21+ strength to use without injury, or an active hauling frame.

An example of two possible ‘Mighty’ melee weapons.


2xSword…Inside another sword? I don’t get it.
Also, it would be a bit OP.

At 21 strength you’d be splattering most enemies in the game with an ordinary pipe anyway. So it doesn’t seem OP, just kinda pointless. With the strength requirement, once you’re hit you won’t be able to lift it, so why use one over a standard weapon?

The Vierhänder is two Zweihänders crudely crafted together with a two-by-four and scrap metal to make a much heftier blade. ((And an awesome play on words))

The Blockbuster is an engine block turned flail thanks to an exceedingly sturdy length of chain.

As for being over-powered or useless I’d counter that point with these:

It’s my hope that eventually your enemies would have access to these as well. Like hostile mutants, Bionically Augmented Raiders, rogue militants or nether critters. So for every jackhammer tipped spear or belt-fed grenade launcher you find there’d be another one out there in the hands of somebody or something that wants you dead.

When NPCs and NPC settlements get ironed out you’d have hard targets worthy of a one man seige in the form of hostile factions. Answering manpower with firepower.

It would be a fun addition, one which I hope encourages people to think up challenges worthy of the sort of firearm it would take a hauling frame to tote. Becoming a muscle-bound man bear or cyber-commando seems like it would be better with a carrot dangling in front of you for the effort.

Dude…the blockbuster…just image a Hulk swinging one of those around, throwing cars and crap out of the way…


Ah, the Rule of Cool. Go for it!

Yeah we really need the Engineflail its like a wasteland classic, I say go for it.

So, shameless stealing from another apocalypse genre but what about a Bumper-Bat? just a car bumper being wielded as a baseball bat…

Dang, the more I think about this the more I like the idea. Mutant super beasts for characters are already a thing during the endgame. We have the hydraulic muscles and mutations that make us outrageous already and give us the ability to one-shot Z’s with a single punch, why not let us do it with exorbitantly gratuitous weapons as well?

Took me long enough, but here ya go

Any feedbacks are welcomed.

Go for it, i really like those ideas! Op, so what? There are creatures that can still kill us easily while wielding a super weapon.

The blockbuster needs to have a chance of hurting the wielder, lol…



Not over the top enough. You need to get two of those Vierhänders and stick one on either end of a pole.

Kaminoikari, two Katana blades (Think of Darth Mual’s lightsaber) that are electrically charged, so you’ll have a chance of stunning the opponent. It would be a rare spawn in military bunkers. And if we could, I would want some kind of, futuristic ninja to wield this weapon.

How about a door used as a shield? Blocks damage massively, hits pretty hard.

A door-shield is something I wanted to have in-game, I could be wrong here but it seems that the game doesn’t have support for off-hand items like shields.

That is true currently–but for something like a manhole cover or door turned into a shield you could just give it a bunch of defensive techniques and go full Rygar on the apocalypse.

Of course, we’d need the flamesword variant of it.
Or a Vierhänder bayonet, to accompany a line of ludicrously over-sized guns.

How about …

On a slightly less epic scale, how about a british-style crowbar? It’s a thick iron bar about 6’ long - would make a pretty lethal quarterstaff for someone with inhuman musculature.