More wepon idea list

ok firts im bad a inglish so i try mi best

So i had ideas for weponry I LOVE inventing things so i desided to make stats,name,and uses for some weponry i came up with. i will place the name on some ideas because there were ideas from othres thanks.hope the dev adds some of thise.

(1)light wheight industrys=there mission was to resave wepons from Militaris and other wepons coporations and make them lighter and even incrieas stats of the wepon.

1.wepons they made Light Wheight all of there wepons have LW at the begining of there name.
Desert Egle
Lacer Rifle
Plasma Rifle
Multiplas Rifle
Tribeam Rifle
Recharge Rifle
Recharge Pistol

wepons they made

description=A wepom made by the LWI.The hunter is a potable sniper rifle the size of 48 inches(4F)and suprisingli very light weight made by only comprest plastic,aluminium and fibrecore and can be dismanteld to be placet on its wepon case but only in that case no other and very silent because of its long muzel like barrel and uses a powerfull round and to make it beter it hase low recoil making it the best wepon to go zombi hunting.
Weight=20.0 lbs
Volume=40 dimanteld=20 in case=10
plase to finde=only in LWI wepon vaults
ammo=20x102 M55A3 round
clip size=1 shot

2.LW-War Maker

[spoiler]description=A veri powerfull Light Mashingun with a unique system to change to full auto,semiauto,and 3 burst for a light mashingun its very rare and made out of aluminium and fibrecore and it can be dismanteld to be placet in its case and only its case and to make mater beter if dropt(asembeld)it can be activated to becom a parefull turrent but it need to be fead with ammo is not like other turrents with infinint ammo and hold in the ground bi 3 rods with spikes like a portabel telascope.
weight=40.0 lbs
volume=50 dismanteld=30 in case=15
place to finde=onli in LWI wepon vaults
damage=50 per shot
ammo=.50 Browning MG (12.7x99)


(2)Nano Industry=was LWI competition for militari to buy there pruducts but NI new were to win LWI, in the energy wepon market NI made the best ofr the best energy wepons that time and there high tech weponry was so advanset that even the president needed to ban some wepons and even buy wepons for millios of dollers for reserch, NI was not friendli giving there blupprints, but for the band weponri they let NI to keep them because of there hight value.

1.NI-13 Freez rifle
description=a rifle that uses liquid hidrogen cells as ammo and passes to a deep freez proses and made to solid hidrogen (−259.14 °C).wen fired and hits it target the glass cell will break releasing the solid to the elements and stiking to the target because of the cold making it go to gase state fast and freezing its target phisicly inmobolising it and killing it because of the extream negative temprature of -134 °C but its recomended to fire ant a long distint away if to close it might be to cold to move esaly and making body tempratur fall drastikli.
place to foinde=NI wepon vaults
damage=15 damage per minute
ammo=liquid hidrogen cells
clip size=5

(3) Militari weponri

1.APRR(Armore Pirsing Recoiles Rifle)

[spoiler]Descryption=A very powerful recoles rifle made by the military there were more versions of the rifle but were never releas for some reson.
The rifle can go pass walls because of its very powerfull round but wen it hits a wall it will start slowing down lowering the damage made, the down side is its VERY loud its so loud it makes your ears bleed its recomended to use ear plungs wen in combat use.

locations to find wepon=found in militari bunkers,dead military sqads,and militari outpost

Ammo use and were to finde=most of the time in militari realted areas,uses a modifide 905 caliber
mag size=1
gun=bash:2 damage wen fire:140
relode time:i dont now? what you guys think
atachments=2 atachments:underbarrel,rail,sight,barrel.

weight and volume
gun:weight 30 lbs
gun:Volume 40
ammo:weight 1 lbs per bullet
ammo:volume 0.5[/spoiler]

2.Full Outo Milkor MGL

[spoiler]Descryption=A modifide Milkor whith the same ammo capasiti but its automatic but do to is high recoil its really hard to hit targets but a pack of zombis is like a walk in the park.

locatio to fide wepon:can be obtaind in Military bunkers or Milytary outpost
mag size=6
gun:bash:3 damage wen fired:45 per explosion

weight and volume
gun:weight 15 lbs
gun:Volume 20[/spoiler]

3.Photon beam rifle

[spoiler]Description:the next generation of energy base weponry using Nuclear Energy from polonium cells the most radioactive element at your disposal, made at the end of the 21st centuri this wepon is very dangerus wen fired is recomended to have odion tablets or a hazmant suit because of the radiation relest wen fired.It will evaporate anything but dont fire more that 5 shots and wait until the wepon cools or the wepon will over heat and relesing lots of radiation and chanses of exploding in the users hand.

ammo=polonium cell=WARNING if dropt it will star relising minimum radiation
mag size=10 P.cells
damage=gun bash:1 wen fired:150 per hit
relod time=alot i dont now how mush
no atachments cant be added

weight=25 lbs
ammo per cell
weight=3 lbs

location to finde:bottom floor of labs securd bi multible securiti bots an lots of zombi cientis and protectiv case that need a scince ID card[/spoiler]

4.Graviti Manipulater

[spoiler]Description=high tech wepon of great use this wepon uses G-capsuls as ammunition wen fired it makes a weak singulariti that pulls monsters and npc to it and piles them up then it explouds in a implosion hurting all those in it but dosent kill them if there really hurt it can great use wen followd bi a large horde of zombis or squirls.

location to fide wepon=labs and the graviti-capsuls too

gun= wheight:10 Volume:10
ammo=wheight=0.2 valume=0.1

damage=bash=1 wen fired=10
mag size=1[/spoiler]

5.Fat Mine

[spoiler]dercription=a mini nuke with lots of mecanichal modifications added made it in too a mine,very powrefull to take out anything on its path.How crasy ar you to make somthing like this?

skill needed to make=5 mechanic and 5 electronic skill
components needed=1 mini nuke,1 pilot light,3 lump of steel or 8 scrap metal,20 duct tape,10 copper wire,5 solder,1 transponder circuit
tools needed and didfculti=10 dificilti,tools needed=solder 10 charge,hammer,hacksaw[/spoiler]

6.FOG(Full Auto Gathaling)

[spoiler]Descriptin=Similer to the minigun but with a larger mag and insted of 8 rotating barrel the FOG has 12 rotating barrels making it mush mor deadly.The unique mechanic of the FOG it hase 2 diferent cliber ammo deposits 1 for 7.5x54 MAS caliber and 1 for 577 Tyrannosaur caliber but the 577 mag deposit is smallermaking it a beast to all automatic weponry the down side its the bad acuracy an weight.the way to chage caliber is bi the pres of a button on the handel and you change caliber.

mag size=box 1=200 7.5x54 MAS box 2=100 of 577 Tiranmosaur
damage=bash=1 box 1=30damage box 2=50damage
no atachemt
gun weight and volume=weight=65 lbs volume=35[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Descriptin=a very weard looking rifle with a really thin barrel and makes almost no saund at all,the wepon fires a small glase vile with a strigen tip on the end and wen fired and hits the target it ingects it with Botulinum toxin with only 200 picogram can kill a human and what makes the “zombi” the toxin will kill it and its very afective agains anithing and if you ar hit you need to go to the nerest pharmasi or hopital fast befor the poison kill you they might have Botulinum AC to cure you.

were to finde=in militari bunkers
mag size=1 shot of Botulinum vile dart
damage=1 bash continuas damage of 2 each turn wen shot 1 time forever untill cured
1 scope atachment 1 barrel atachment (cant use silenser)
gun wheight an volume=wheight=10 volume=14[/spoiler]

8.SWARM(Seven Wave Armed Rocket Munation)similer to the Swarmer in Crises 2

[spoiler]Description=A very hevy wepon of mass destroction very bulki but fires 7 mini misels,wen fired to the selected location they will hit anywere in a 10x10 radios,the missels are not that strong they blow up like a pipe bomb and there ar multible types of missels:high explosive, incedari,EMP but it needs charge to work.

were to finde=alone in 1 militari bunker cell with 10 of 1 randome type of missel
mag size=7
damage=standart=pipe bomb damage,H.E=grenade damage,insindari=like a molotove,EMP=like a EMP grenade
gune weight an volume=wheight=80 lbs volume=60[/spoiler]

(4) diferent types of home made weponry

[spoiler]1. homemade bardiche(ChristopherWalken idea)
decription=similer to a war axe and a wooden axe to chop trees but home made and is really bulky not made to cut trees but is beter than having a knife.
skill needed=2 frabication
components needed=2 blades,2 long string or 4 short stings or 50 ductape or 10 rag,1 hevy stick or 1 mop or 1 broom or 2 two by four
tools needed and dificulti=2 difuculti, no tools needed
type=4 baching,20 cuting,

2.electric nukles
description=modifide nukles wen the user hits a target it will give a discharg of electrisiti to the victim hase high chanses to paralyse the target.i dont think it will be that usefull on zombis but it needs bateris ofcures.
skill needed=1 electronic,1 fabrication
conponents needed=1 brass nukles,2 super glue,1 pilot light,1 power converter,10 copper wire,2 scrap metal
tools needed and dificulti= 3 dificulti, screw driver,2 solder charge
type and damage made=10 bashing
charge max=100 charge

3.chain brick(Slax idea)
description=its a very simple wepon its a brick with a steel chain or a long rope atacht to it is like a chain mace. very hard to wild because of is weight but is beter than punching zombis to death.
skill needed=none
conponens needed=1 brick,steel chain or 1 long rope
tools needed and dificulti= 1 dificulti,none
type and damage made=15 bash

4.grenade basket
description=5 grenades atacht to multiple strings and wen slingshoted like if you were a cowboy the strings will pull all the pins on the grenade and the grenades armed will be trown far off then blow up making it very usfel for taking down lots of multiple targets and the ductape its to make a handel were you grab and to hold all trings.
skill needed=1 fabrication
conponents needed=5 grenades,2 long strings or 6 short strings,10 duct tape
tools and dificulti=2 dificulti.none
type and damage made=trowing,normal grenade damage

5.Chain of Thunder
Description=its a chain with plenty electronical pices athachet to it and similer to the chain brick but insted of a brike its 3 sharp blades atacht to the end and the blaids emit a very high electrical volt wen on the handel area there is lots of tape and melted plastic as a handel so you dont get electrifide wen wilding.
skill needed=4 electronic 1 frabication
conponents needed=1 steel chain,2 power converters,25 copper wire,3 blades,3 scrap metal,2 plastik chuks,10 tape,1 procerser bord,1 pilot light
tools and difaculti=difaculti 4 ,screw driver,hammer,solder 20 charge,hacksaw,hotplate 20 charge
type and damage=bash 5 damage cut 39 damage pirsing 2 damage
pleas invent your oun weponry and we can have more wepons in cataclysim DDA.

  1. No.
  2. No for the same reason.
  3. No for another reason.

The first two are no’s because there’s a general consensus that all technology defaults to present-day levels. Which means no antimatter guns or shoulder-mounted MIRV launchers.

Finally, i no’d the laser gun because of the instant kill damage. It’s just not fun.
And consider the balancing issues: How rare does ammo have to be to justify it being able to kill anything?

mmmm wel…your right i will try to balace the wepons and remove the forst 2

We’ve got mininuke launchers, why not ones that launch bombs of doom? Albeit, the mininuke launchers take quite a bit of doing to make and are practically useless unless you’re sitting on a pile of radioactive explosives, but I don’t see how it’s not feasible.

i haved fix somthing and im going to add ore


no what?

These are all terrible weapons. Cata takes place in the near future, not the future.

If you took a knife and a stick, then secured the knife towards the end of the stick with something like a very tight leather strap on the handle, wouldn’t you get something similar to a homemade bardiche?

EDIT - I guess the homemade glaive is basically this.

FunsizeNinja123 so CC takes near futer right but in the game there ar lacer pistols and plasma rifles so it wuld be cool more energy wepon types were in the game and wuld be interesting (i dont think is posible) that in the world creation menu you can make the worl: past,present,and futer and each time periot hase its own type of weponri like the pass hase winchesters and revolvers.tha present there ar m14 and mp5 and all that . and in the futer lots of energy wepons and other things from the futer persanoli i will like to have this mechanic and each periot hase difirent structers too.


is it posibel to make this wepons intoo a mod?

Yes. That´s what the mods are for.

Also a tip regarding damage balancing and stuffs: When designing a weapon, imagine if it would be fun for the player if an enemy NPC uses it against him.
Because that is one of the reasons why i don’t like “instant kill” type weapons.
Always assume NPCs will have access to the same weapons as the player.

well that why some wepons ar harder to finde like the photon rifle and were can i get a tutorial for moding CDDA i really want to mod

A bit of coding knowledge is usually a prerequisite. Technically this is written in C++ but with the addition of the Json stuffs the files are way easier to read. Just change some values and names and see what comes out, worked for me.

there ar 3 new wepons on the list dont forget to invent your own wepons

um…thats the wepon you invented or you ar saying WEPONS!!!

the list hase bin updated im in progres of more sorry for taking alot its mi brain went to a meltdown but im making LOT more so remember to post your ideas