Mi-go BS - any defense against it?

Mind you, I’m not talking about scouts, haven’t seen them yet. I have other questions, though.

  1. Their towers, namely temperature inside. I have Thermal Dissipation active, Internal Climate Control active, and still 3-5 turns in and I’m at 25% speed because it’s “scorching hot”. What’s the point of those CBMs if they are useless in the only(?) place they should be actually useful? Are there any other options to deal with 100+ Celsiius temperatures? Power armor doesn’t work, Hub 01 enviro suit doesn’t work, ANBC suit doesn’t work… at this point idk what else I could try.
  2. Slavers pain ray. Yet again, neither of top-tier armors (at least those mentioned above) works, even Sensory dulling is useless - they just spam that shit until I’m at 200+ pain. I could understand PA not protecting from external heat, but this is, like, ray weapons or something, why does it go through PA? Again, are there any options for negating it?

On a somewhat related note, is Sensory Dulling flavour text an outright lie? It says, and I quote,

Your nervous system is wired to allow you to inhibit the signals of pain, allowing you to dull your senses at will. However, the use of this system may cause delayed reaction time and drowsiness.

“Wired”, hmm. I though, and imo it is a reasonable assumption, that means there are miniature electrodes/nodes in your nervous system that suppress pain signals coming from your nerves to your brain.
Well, turns out it’s nothing so sophisticated, just some slapdash internal drug injectors. Why? Because if you use it for a prolonged time, especially under high amount of pain(mi-go slavers say hello) you get “depressants” status which says, and I again quote,

“You are under the influence of depressants, and in a bit of a daze.”

Working as intended?

e: oh, and one more question - how to release the prisoners and won’t they boil instantly in there because of insane temperatures? I tried using/smashing everything on that floor, no luck so far.


I figured it out with some debugging - the hot air is generated by Gasping Tubes, Twitching Fronds and Wafting Anemones, if you destroy these and remove all the hot air via debugging, the temperatures will become normal again, now it would be much easier if we could somehow suck the hot air out of that location without debugging…

Yeah, it would be cool to have somewhat realistic thermodynamic model of air instead of current rough(to put it mildly) approximation but I guess that’s a goal for 1.0 at least.

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I always thought the hot air got dispersed if you destroyed the source (as it is the case with smoke/gas).

And the only way i have found to kill those migos (and the guards too) is ramming them to kill them fast enough, or have a good enough range weapon.

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Invis should work, as long as you can handle their melee attacks anyway. Enemies don’t use ranged attacks or special abilities on invisible enemies.

The temperature is supposed to be high, but not as high as it currently is. It will be fixed as soon as this pr is merged.

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It’s like nobody builds anything to solve their problems.

Build 1 tile a vehicle construct that specifically pumps out as much cold air as possible via the cooler, and suddenly whoop dee flibbity doo you can survive the conditions. Almost as if humans have been doing this sort of thing for centuries. Still too hot? More coolers!


Yeah, right. As far as I can tell, cooler lowers temperature approx by 30 Celsius at its own tile, about 20 in radius 1 and about 10 in radius 2. Whopping lot of good it’ll do at 110 Celsius. Not to mention it probably makes vehicle unfoldable, so it would only be useful on the ground floor.


If you have enough of them you will lower the temp by a large margin. And yes, ground floor is just about the only place where it’s useful, unless you approach the upper floor from the outside of which there are many convoluted and often unnecessary ways to do so.

I’m not saying to only use coolers, just use them along with your other temp regulation approaches. Going into a mi-go place in winter should also help a little bit.

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Man, seams like a lot of effort to raid a mi-go base.

The Winter one is a good idea, gonna test that out on the next run.

I’m still a strong proponent of simply mutating medical and going full cenobite pain ecstasy as one method of mitigation.

“A History of Firefighting” has some very useful recipes for your case. But they require Tailoring of 8, Fabrication of 7, a lot of spare Nomex patches, some firefighter clothing (which can be crafted using even more Nomex), not insignificant number of Kevlar plates and lots of other less rare materials. Note that the resulting “survior fireX” items occupy normal or even outer layer.
Bash and cut protections of that kind of gear are fairly weak so this setup is only really good for surviving high temperatures.

A proper full set of everything along with Thermal Dissipation and Internal Climate Control would work even better I reckon.

As far as mutations are concerned I think Bark might help (at least its description says it should), haven’t tested it yet.

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I’ve got such things to show you!!

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Doubt it considering that light survivor gear + TD+ICC equals practically zero effect after 3-5 turns inside but will check this out later, thanks.

…oh, if only it was so easy. Just tried it. Smashed all tubes and fronds and whatnot. Thought I just have to wait for some time outside, because I, too

But there’s a catch. Turns out, when you smash those 3 things they leave “scarred lumps”. Now, anemones only emit heat, tubes emit gas and heat, and fronds emit shock bursts. Scarred lumps emit all of those, LMAO. Oh, and they are also unsmashable - checked in furniture-migo.json, they have 250 str_min value for bashing. guess that’s not pure str check, probably str+weapon bash or something but still unreachable except for debugging - so destroying them is effectively impossible (am I missing something?).
Also, air in there heats stupidly fast. What I did: well, I have already smashed all those things so there were only scarred lumps, about 10 or even less lumps scattered on ~20*20 floor. Debug removed all fields from everywhere. Enabled temp map.
-At turn 1, nothing. Air temp is 26C or whatever it was on the outside.
-At turns 2-4, air near SLs was at 110 Celsius and there were some wafts of green smoke near them. Okay, fine, seems fair.
-At turn 5, ALL air became uniform 110(or whatever) Celsius. It went from about 5-10% of air being hot to all 100% of the air being hot instantly, in one flicking turn! So I guess trying this in winter would not help either.
I hope migo temperature patch will come out eventually because in their current state they may as well just have instakill field slapped onto their base’s indoor tiles. I mean, it is technically possible, just absolutely not worth the effort.

Oh, and also. About those prisoners.

“type”: “terrain”,
“id”: “t_wall_resin_cage”,
“name”: “resin cage”,
“description”: “This resin wall opens into a series of small honeycomb-like hexagons, allowing the passage of air and light. While still made of the same sturdy material, it is thinner and more delicate in appearance.”,
“symbol”: “#”,
“color”: “dark_gray”,
“move_cost”: 0,
“coverage”: 100,
“roof”: “t_resin_roof”,
“bash”: {
“str_min”: 70,
“str_max”: 300,
“sound”: “boom!”,
“sound_fail”: “whack!”,
“ter_set”: “t_floor_resin”,
“items”: [ { “item”: “resin_chunk”, “count”: [ 2, 5 ] } ]

So, to release the prisoners - even assuming they won’t boil instantly from the heat - you are supposed to use mining equipment. Which takes minutes to work. In that heat. Am I reading this right?


I think you may have missed this.

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That’s what I was talking about: it is still not merged :slight_smile:

Maybe a Sonic Resonator CBM will help/work? According to the Code, it will “only” do 110 damage (thrice per action) though, so I’m not sure.
Other than that… Driving it over with a reinforced tire? Mininuke? Are they draggable? (Nope, just checked the source code)
Use water cannons to cool down the air (fire fighting technique, though I doubt it’s in the game)?

Keep us updated if you find something that works :smiley:

Edit: Oh, I’ve forgot… Causing rubble to fall onto the tile should also destroy it, if it’s really a furniture. Maybe…?

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Driving is out of question since holding cells are on the 3rd floor, water cannons are present in game but are a vehicle part so that is also a no (and it would just re-heat instantly anyway), and the problem with mininuke is those damn resin cages allow bullets through (almost killed one prisoner with a wild shot) so I guess mininuke, ahem, effect will also go through them and right into prisoners. And the problem with rubble is that everything in there is made from that same un-bashabke resin, so…
Seems like the only thing that could work is indeed a Sonic Resonator. Oh well, guess it’s time to go on butchering spree, thankfully I have found 3 facilities and half dozen labs so far.

e: great, 9935 fixed temperatures! Now the only thing left is pain ray armor ignoring, thankfully it had been acknowledged as a bug.

Pain ray ignoring armour isn’t a bug… pain ray never missing is.

What about pain resistance? I thought it was confirmed here that pain resistance should reduce pain ray effect?