Mysterious disease from Mi-Go encampment?

Hello, it seems everytime I enter a Mi-Go encampment/tower I get some sort of mysterious disease that causes constant stumbling about, feeling dizzy, or randomly winded (with maximum stamina). It even killed me on one occasion but after save scumming I didn’t die the second time and somehow the disease cured itself. I think I took a couple destragon pills and that worked somehow. Now I got it again after raiding a Mi-Go tower.

Anyway, nothing shows up in the Blood Analysis CBM or the status window. Is this intentional or just what’s going on? Playing build 10395 from a month ago.


Also what’s up with those Mi-Go buildings? I have RM13 combat armor turned on, Thermal Dissipation CBM on and I’m jacked up on morphine yet one step inside the building instantly grants severe pain debuff.

There were two bugs related to that and (as far as I know) both are fixed* by now.
*Although from what I’ve read, there’s still complaints about quick heat buildup.

No idea about that one. Is it from the tower/encampment itself or from its inhabitants?

I can’t really tell since I got inside to fight them. Like I said I was in the Rivtech Armor that has high environmental protection so I’m not sure what’s going on. The first I encountered this it lasted almost an in-game week.

Enviro protection doesn’t do jack shit about high external temperature. Hell, even debug hvac mutation has no effect. The only thing you can do is, well, nothing really. Just take into account that your speed will tank while inside and plan accordingly.
Regarding dizziness: some mi-gos can scream. That screams are so, ahem, strange, that they can daze even robots. Yes, robots. I don’t see any messages in your screenshot but maybe it has happened before that?
Also, try using Internal Climate Control. I remember storming mi-go scout tower(after temperature patch) and not having insane pain levels.

Oh, and BTW, what version are you on? If it’s 0.D stable, just forget about it. Mi-go towers were completely ridiculous in that version, with internal temps higher than 100 Celsius (you know, water boiling temperature). Nothing would save you from that.

He (or she) stated in the first post:

But the fix for the extreme heat isn’t long ago, so this could be well pre fix.
Hm, thinking back… that fix was probably around new year, so… yeah… I’m not sure.

I checked, 10395 is of 05.03.2020, and pr #35618 which fixed mi-go fields was merged in November 2019, so the temps should be okay. Then I have no other ideas except mi-go screams or maybe some glitchy invisible gas cloud?

If I remember correctly, someone stated that previously generated towers still have incredible amount of heat in them.
Is it possible, @draghi, that you play on a map that was generated before that fix was merged?

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it was 10395 the map was generated on and i havent updated since i started this play through so yes maybe i dont have the fix.

the debuffs seem to have misteriously disappeared again strangely still not sure what was up with those but the migo base is pretty far i cant really test it so far.

it may have been the migo screams but those seem ridiculous i had ear plugs on yet they still dazed me. whats even more ridiculous is that even after i cleared the base and left for several days i kept stumbling and falling down until i mysteriously died but after reloading the disease dissapeared after a few more stumbling about.

i will update and post more if this still persists. strange thing this is i thought this was some mysterious alien disease that doesn’t show up anywhere

I didn’t try earplugs but dude, those can daze robots. ROBOTS. And they definitely did daze me with installed enhanced hearing CBM which should negate all detrimental effects of sounds.

Seems like a bug to me. You probably should make a bug report about it.

PS. AFAIK, the only “disease” which isn’t shown in character screen is radiation sickness.