Mi-go Tower WTH

Hi all,

so in my quest for sanity and companionship i listed to crazykiddeath advice and went and found me a Mi-Go tower

here it is

so… what the hell is up with the scorching heat? i can deal with the mi-gos (kinda) but the heat is really a problem. like 7 turns inside and i get severe pain and scorching heat… i have to back out and use nano to heal.

There are (naked) people inside and there is a chance to get them with a sledgy but how can i? help?

How can we know those are not glamours conjured up by inter-galactic predators?

ofc i’m human! like u my friend! oh god, my leg! u gotta help me! my leg!

You seem to be a capable mechanic with your doom bus. Install a draggable single-tile air cooling machine. Make it two tiles long with two coolers if the heat is still too much.

Thank you, her name is Tania. Like my ex she destroys everything in her path .
but what do u mean Air cooling? is that a mod? all i can see is Cooler and thats not it… right?

Yes. Once turned on it’ll cool a space of air around it. Drag it around with you inside the tower to stay cool. Make sure it has enough power. Same goes for the heater but in reverse.

It’s a vehicle construct, just in case you didn’t know.

awesome. thanks man ill go ahead and do that. hmm since ill have to drag it around that means ill need battery and controls too since a cable will snap… but what about the other floors? never tried dragging something up a level

I don’t think you can drag something up a floor. If you cannot build a folding cooling vehicle you’ll have to brave them, or get the internal climate control cbm to keep relatively cool temporarily. Thermal dissipation only really helps with not burning from fire or lava in my experience.

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got it, i do have a folding frame handi mostly for boom. but that means that by the time ill install everything ill be already fried to a crisp. so ill go raid another lad since i didint know that that cbm existed.

thanks allot man got me several options