How do you rescue NPC Prisoners from Mi-Go Scout Tower?

I’ve read some older posts about using a Vehicle Cooler on a small frame. That does no difference. I have Internal Climate Control CBM and Thermal Dissipation but they don’t help much. Before I can drill through one cage tile I die because of the heat and you can’t resume drilling like crafting or construction.

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Unless things have changed, a vehicle cooler does nothing unless there’s a tail pipe (muffler) to lead the hot exhaust air out outside the tower. Thus, you’d need a vehicle that’s long enough to reach outside of the tower.

I think a hole in the external wall helps a little (ram with a vehicle, which will probably wreck it completely now with cascading damage and permanent damage).

I’ve also seen it said that the temperatures are survivable during winter.

It can also be noted that released prisoner movement is erratic, so the bugger may not leave through a hole in the wall even if there is one.

The prisoners are on the 3rd floor so I can’t get there with any vehicle (or could I build one inside?). Or do the walls on upper floors collapse if I ram the wall on the ground floor?

Ramming the wall on the bottom floor does not collapse the wall above (well, if you collapse enough walls it probably will, with half the tower crashing down as well).

If there’s a balcony on the 3rd floor it might be possible to build a vehicle there and expand it inwards. Constructing while inside will overheat you as normal (although it may be sufficiently fast to allow you to escape out to cool down), but you can add vehicle parts at a different end from the one you’re standing at…

Hmm I’ll see… but I suppose I’ll need a sturdy vehicle to ram the wall. Or what kind of vehicle would I need?

There’s no balcony unfortunately. There is a roof and I thought maybe I could dig down, but I still get the heat debuff on the roof even with all furniture destroyed (it seems destroying them spawns a scarred tissue tile that still emits the field). Maybe a strategically placed bomb on the roof could blow up the ceiling and I could get inside? The NPC would still have to follow up though.

The only time I’ve done was during 0.E2, and vehicles have been made considerably less sturdy since then. At that time I rammed the wall several times with my vehicle at various speeds, save scumming when the vehicle took too much damage, until the wall finally broke. The vehicle was as sturdy as I could make it, with spiked plating at the front, if I remember correctly. The vehicle still took damage, but without any part being destroyed (that’s what save scumming can do for you…).

As you found, there doesn’t seem to be any way to disable the heat generation in the tower.

Come to think about it, it might actually be possible to ram a building at a higher Z level by building ramps etc. but that would be a LOT of work. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if a collision on a ramp resulted in bugs that might be of any severity, so I wouldn’t recommend trying it with at least one backup.

I don’t know if bombs would work, but suspect they won’t, as the walls are very resilient.

I’ve managed to pull it off using dynamite. The explosion is just strong enough to break the resin cages and not kill the NPC’s on the other side.

Also sledge hammer and Hydraulic Muscles CBM does the job.

I was gonna say that a jackhammer might work as well.

It does not. I went in with full fire armor, maximum hydration and full health and also fully bandaged and disinfected plus I have the Regeneration mutation from Troglo and still died about 70% 80% into drilling the wall depending on random damage. I even got to the end with almost all limbs broken and almost zero health on head and the game just crashed. Tested this several times.

this might be a little much because theres not really a point of rescuing the npcs in the tower, but you get the mi-go mutations and ‘mi-go acclimazation’ or whatever ilets u survive in the migo air

the whately famly quest chain gives u lots of migo serum and mutagen, and if your doing this for isherwood quest, it might be worth it to invest in teleport spells

The OP does not say mods are used, and teleportation spells is definitely mod stuff (there is, or at least was, a CMB that provides teleportation, but only for the PC). I don’t recognize any mi-go mutation tree either (but I’m not into mutations).

A jack hammer kan work if you go in completely nude and with filter mask to protect agianst migo-air and you will be able to survive long enough to drill through the resin cages. The other option is to take a heavy sledge hammer to the resin cages provided you have high enough strength.

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ok true there is no spells without mods, but theres something wrong with ur game if u dont have magiclysm in ur world, and yes i guess you could do the CBM but thats a lot of work and super rare
also i totally forgot this but apparently migo mutation tree is only for aftershock whitch is an oof

ive tried going in with only chainmail which has a grand total of 5 warmth for like 2 body parts and i still died, ive tried debug-cheating to give myself a few million hitpoints… nope
which reminds me, i should try demon chitin armor cause it give fire resistantance, which i dont know if that counts for heat, i also dont know if internal temperature or whatever it called CBM works but it seems like it would

I don’t think it works. It seems to have a certain speed at which it regulates your temperature until you reach Comfortable status. The increase from the field seems to have a higher speed so it’s effect is nullified.

Also there’s 60C in there so unless negative warmth clothing exists, even naked you would get to highest debuff in a few minutes.

if you kill all the migos first you can jump into the hot air for a few minutes and then jump out and wait for it to adapt it might work

I don’t think the game works like that. This is not RNG, it’s hard math and the speed of the increase from the hot sauna field is way higher than what the CBM can handle. It doesn’t adapt dynamically and I have it almost always on. It would never work in situations like this unless it gets a buff in adjustment speed or something. Maybe have an extreme weather version for arctic/arid temperatures?

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oh ok, thx for explaining

My best experience is go in butt naked and gasmask, its hot as hell

Use a big gun with big mag, I did it with a 308 sig and a 60 round drum mag
A backpack with grenades is nice when you peak upstairs and throw a lit grenade on the levels without the prisoners.

The top floor the Migos usually harrass the npc so you can take your time getting precise shots till the room is clear.

Always run out and wait when you get too hot and slow

I used a heavy sledgehammer from a lucky tool find or make one from scratch to smash down the prison walls. Rescue one, give a gas mask, leave & wait, then repeat.

You only need one mask too if you don’t mind taking all day to stop being sick, the npc’s won’t follow you without one so bring a spare or hand over yours. And make lots of gas mask cartages

For clothing Military bunkers in labs tend to spawn with lots of complete uniforms and ballistic vests in their lockers, Id recommend looting the clothes beforehand so your army is dressed once you get em.

Hoard guns, ammo, mags in a pickup truck and you can just walk around with a firing squad

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