Anyone figured out how to harvest resin pods from mi-go towers? (2nd floor) [10845]

So, I really want those wonderful construction materials, but I can’t figure out how to harvest them effectively. I have the deadened & regeneration mutations, just fyi. While each resin pod only takes 10 minutes to deconstruct, you need a whole lot more than a couple to actually do anything. Most of these pods are on the second floor. The following issues vex me:

  • Stacking Climate control & rm13 doesn’t seem to have any effect. I’m not sure it’s any different than using only one at a time. I see ~260 on the character temp screen no matter what.

  • Thermal dissipation doesn’t seem to do anything whatsoever and it’s really expensive to run that for 10 mins.

  • The “furniture” that emits hot gasses breaks down into “scarred lumps” with a min_str of 250, which afaik is impossible to destroy in a reasonable amount of time. I’m assuming an explosive strong enough to damage that will probably destroy the resin pods. Reminder that on the 2nd floor vehicle ramming is explicitly impossible.

  • Has anyone actually tried using vehicle coolers? I know that’s been suggested but I doubt it’s viable, at least for harvesting pods. Resin floors impede vehicle movement, so you’d have to deploy foldable frame on the 2nd floor, install a cooler (fortunately this only takes one minute), and rig some sort of power system on it pretty quickly. You would have to repeat this several times since the resin pods are somewhat spread out (and again, you can’t move vehicles inside the tower at all). Not sure how you would even be able to supply enough power. That’s all assuming one cooler will be enough to do the trick. If someone really has done this I would love to hear how you went about it.

Very much curious to hear if anyone’s come up with a way of harvesting these resin pods. I might just try to rip them out with just the rm13 on, taking breaks in between.

After giving myself a quick refresher on how vehicle power consumption works, I do have an idea. I’d use a foldable frame, a vehicle cooler, and a fully charged storage battery. I took down some quick notes, if they’re accurate it takes 1 minute to install the cooler and 5 minutes for the battery. A fully charged storage battery should last at least a day or so, I think. Installing a proper power source (engine, alternator, tank) takes over an hour and this is simply too much to have to repeat several times.

It would be really really neat if storage battery cases were fold-able, so you could “unfold” and just plop the battery right in. Would have a ton of different applications, my mind is racing at the possibilities. As it stands they seem kind of niche, since it takes a lot more effort to rig those up than to install batteries directly (but I digress).

Anyways, I’ll give this a shot and report back.

If you go with a “normal” car battery instead it takes less than a minute to install. And you get enough power for about 5 hours of cooling.

Not impossible… vehicle can go up ramps and ramps can be built. It’s just “expensive” to do, both on time and resources…

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It’s impossible because resin floors totally impede vehicles.

Edit: Oh, yeah I guess you could ram the outside walls like that, but you wouldn’t be able to go any further.

ooooh wait a minute, I think those are foldable.

With high enough speeds the floors should also break, as you “collide” with them…
But I’m not sure that ramming uncontrollable into a building with parts that you want to harvest is a good idea, so… yeah, you’re probably right.

Indeed, they are, didn’t even check beforehand. Yeah, you could even go with a medium storage battery for almost thrice the amount of energy.

Okay, deleted my post because on the second test I observed things more carefully and I noticed no difference at all. The ambient temperature on the tile with the cooler is no different than other tiles (see screenshot). And looking at my character after detaching a single pod, I’m actually just as injured as I was without using a cooler. It spawns “cold air” but this doesn’t do anything.

Following Pic taken after detaching a single pod, standing on the same tile as vehicle cooler that was running the entire time, with both the Internal Climate control & rm13 running as well.

Looking at the ambient temperature in the debug screen, it doesn’t seem like the player can actually influence it in any meaningful way. Leaving the door open just “leaks” the hot air, internal temperate remains in the 130s. Unless something is bugged I’m going to consider “vehicle coolers” for mi-go towers completely debunked until someone proves otherwise.

To elaborate, my climate control & rm13 combo was sufficient for clearing the tower of enemies, you just have to finish your business real quick. But any task that takes time is going to leave you scorched, and I haven’t found any solution to this. Good to know.

Vehicle coolers also output hot air, by default on the same tile they are on, if you don’t have a muffler.

Mufflers take 30 min to install and aren’t foldable so even if that does work it’s not especially viable. I’m really curious if anyone has actually had success with this or not.

Not that I wanted to do as the others were doing. But because I am curious; Would we be able to build a vehicle with a long extended muffler that dumps the hot air outside and get the cooling effect?

As for what Fload just said vvv
Drive through a wall maybe?

Yes, that’d be possible.

There’s no way that makes sense, it would take less time to harvest each pod without any vehicle involved. It’s a matter of minutes before you’re getting scorched, and even with wooden frames that’s 5 minutes a pop, and that’s just the frames. Even if you theoretically drive a vehicle up a ramp to the second floor I still don’t know how you’d deploy a cooling system adjacent to the pods, which would be necessary if I understand these temperature mechanics correctly. The resin floor obstructs vehicles too. This all sounds entirely hypothetical and I doubt anyone has done it.

Not if you built it first and drove through the wall. Build a tiny vehicle aforehand. Also try using explosives to destroy the spot you need. Apart from that, you could try a .50cal gun and see if that destroys the tiles you need removed.

I have not done it. Speculation. I have no desire to do it either. But it is a interesting topic =D

How would you align the coolers so that they’re close enough to the pods, smash through the wall without destroying the pods, keep the coolers from getting damaged, etc? Do we even know for certain that coolers are effective in this instance? I’d like to confirm that before investing in the rest.

Another sim, seemed to speculate my extended muffler idea could be a thing. You could also armor a tiny vehicle in the front as a battering ram. It really depends on how badly you want those pods lol

In earlier versions the method of using a vehicle cooler (could have) worked well because it just generated cold air and no hot air (if I recall that right).

I think it was done before, but I never done it myself.

You know what? I got curious. I’ll try it in the build version that you named (10845).

I first thought I’ll make a proof of concept by demonstrating this on the first floor, but let’s do this right.
If I can do it as I imagine, I’ll post here a step-by-step guide, maybe even work out something for the wiki.

My plan is to move in from the outside and have multiple vehicle coolers that allow me to build the next one closer to the pods.
I’ll use cheats (debug menu) so I don’t have to deal with attacks, but I’ll scavenge (not spawn) the materials that I need, have a random generated character and will not turn on the HVAC mutation (I mean, it’s a proof of concept, it wouldn’t make much sense to cheat that exact thing that I want to demonstrate, does it…).
(Small disclaimer: It’s 3:21 am right now where I live and I also have a lot of work left to do, I’m really sleepy and should get up “early” tomor— today, so I have no idea if I’m able to do finish this “in time”. Please don’t expect wonders…)

Could you try the .50 gun to see if you can blast tiles while yer at it? Would be a major time saver if I wanna try this. Thanks if you do.

Lol I sincerely appreciate the sentiment & effort, I’m tempted to do the same myself. In my case I’m not sure I understand these mechanics well enough to know how to test it properly. As you can tell, I overlooked the muffler thing. My cdda vehicle experience is limited to mobile forts and hobo carts.

However, if it takes longer to build this cooling apparatus than it would take to remove a pod, recover, repeat… that’s not really a practical solution.

Already did, sadly (the handheld version) does not seem to damage the walls, floor or scarred lump, even with the highest damage output :neutral_face:

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If you can destroy scarred lumps (str_min 250, same as the walls I think) with something more precise than a vehicle (since these are scattered between the pods), that could maybe accomplish something. However, anything that requires you to spend a lot of time in the heat defeats the purpose.