Leon's published mods

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s been six years since I posted my last mod (Overmap Rebalancing). As parts of those got mainlined, I published my new and currently used mods on GitHub under the CC0 and made them available to everyone.

There are four at the moment:

  1. A very simple mod called “NoAchievementBlockers” that removes the new implemented achievement requirements for four starting scenarios (“Challenge - Lab Staff”, “Challenge - Lab Patient”, “Ambush” and “The Next Sommer”) as there seems to be no way atm. to disable this behaviour.

  2. A second mod (“EasierProficiencies”), that reduces the currently needed time for proficiencies to 1/4 of the original value as the process of increasing building and crafting times is in progress and the whole system is totally unballanced therefore at the moment.

  3. A third mod, “MutationsInCharacterCreation”, does what it says and makes nearly all mutations available in the character creation screens.

  4. After those three rather lightweight mod, comes a bigger one, that may (or may not) your survival a bit make challenging:
    Bombs & Bandits
    It’s based on GovTDs old “Add Bandits” mod, he made available for everyone to do with it whatever they want.
    I tried to improve the bandits, changed their stats a lot, moved upgrade paths and added two new bandits. They are enemy to most factions. At the start you’ll only see a few looters from time to time, that will only die horribly to zombies and other horrors. As time progresses they become plentier and more and more deadly.
    Besides bandits, I included bombs: “less” dangerous incendiary and high-explosive bombs. Those bombs work similar to turrets, but belong to the new bandits faction and (according to their nature) can only attack once. The destructive power they unleash depends on RNG. It can be a small three to five tiles in radius explosion. But it can also be a large as twenty tiles in radius! If your computer isn’t that capable, it may happen, that CDDA suddenly seems to freeze. DON’T PANIC! It »only« processes a really large explosion and will (hopefully) survive this stressful event - your character on the other end may not not be that lucky as an explosion event this large can be nearly screen filling!

I have some other mods in the working but those arn’t done atm. I will publish them when they are done or I’ll lose interest in finishing them. You can find all mods on my GitHub page. All contributions like constructive criticism, reporting bugs, sharing ideas for improvement and helpful PRs are always welcome!

I hope you enjoy those mods and appreciate your feedback! :slight_smile:




There are in fact two: