A Mod List

This list was inspired by data I dug out of the recent survey results, player’s submissions are in the POPULAR section and all work with the latest experimental, unless tagged otherwise. The LAB WORK section contains mods from the first 12 pages of lab posts, which goes back roughly 1 1/2 years.


-= POPULAR =- Poll Results are in!

[ul][li]Building Editor by vache - Utility[/li]
[li]CDDA Game Launcher and Updater by rremyroy - Utility[/li]
[li]Character + Vehicle Transfer Utility by john-cdda - Utility[/li]
[li][EXP] Ambient Sounds - Chesthole Soundpack by Chezzo[/li]
[li][EXP] Ambient Sounds - RRFSounds by pip12345[/li]
[li][EXP] Artyom’s Gun Emporium by Artyom117[/li]
[li][EXP] Bio-Weapons Mod by Noctifer[/li]
[li]Extended Buildings by Whaley[/li]
[li]Extra Professions and Fantasy Factions by Marte[/li]
[li]Gun / Equipment Expansion Mod by AKnifeInTheDark[/li]
[li][RAW] Integrated Weapons by RADIALTHRONE1[/li]
[li]Jury-rigged Robots by Sunshine -Updated for PR #14709[/li]
[li][M/E][EXP] Medieval Stuff Mod by Random_Dragon -more recent build dropbox’d *note[/li]
[li]Nimian’s Manufacture Weapons by GreatTuna [/li]
[li]No Nether Creatures Mod by TheMightyHercules[/li]
[li]StatsThroughSkills II by Xfin and Zombies-R-Us[/li]
[li][EXP] Survivor Mod by Noctifer[/li]
[li][M/E][EXP] Vehicle Additions Pack by Blaze -more recent build dropbox’d[/li][/ul]

-= LAB WORK =- New Arrivals and Old Favorites.

[ul][li][EXP] Air-drops, 3D Printing, Chemical Breakdown and More by Duros -Updated to Experimental 4157[/li]
[li][RAW] Biker Bar by Trihook[/li]
[li]Cataclysm-Evil Moose Ahead by StopSignal[/li]
[li]CDDA Fantasy Mod by Dima[/li]
[li][EXP] Combined Monstergroups by Malkeus[/li]
[li]Custom Professions by Noctifer[/li]
[li]DF-Style Races as Scenarios and Professions by Random_dragon[/li]
[li]Draconic Mutation Branch by Random_dragon[/li]
[li][EXP] Forgotten Races by Malkeus[i][/li]
[li]Hazerithious’ Mods by Hazerithious[/li]
[li]Kinda Slow Zombies Mod by Slax[/li]
[li][EXP] Mix n Match Armor Pieces by Sunshine[/li]
[li]Mobster Profession by Born_tobe_Mild[/li]
[li][EXP] Motorized Mobility Enhancement Pack by Steelmaniac[/li]
[li]Nanites Mod by zveroboy[/li]
[li]Needful Things by Alec White[/li]
[li]No More Madmax by trelatyraelis[/li]
[li][EXP] PK Rebalance Mod by pisskop[/li]
[li]Precinct Z json Replacement by Sehn Knight - Replaces Core Files[/li]
[li]Remove Dildo’s and Other Stuff by trelatyraelis[/li]
[li]Remove Meat and Junkfood by trelatyraelis[/li]
[li]Reworked Item Groups by Sunshine -Replaces Core Files[/li]
[li]Skateboard Mod by unglued_bracelet[/li]
[li]Survivor Kane’s Junk by Survivor Kane -Updated for PR #14709[/li]
[li]Vampire Mutation Branch by secretfire[/li]
[li]Wermacht Pride by CommanderXor -Fix for Experimental 4060[/li]
[li][M][0.C] Werty’s CDDA Mod by werty1124[/li]
[li][M][0.C] Wilderness Overhaul Mod by MormonPartyboat[/li]
[li][0.B] XStuff by Enke[/li][/ul]

-= Missing Links =- Somebody post these!

[ul][li]Bionic Overman by ChairmanPoo Link down. Anyone have a copy?[/li]
[li]Blacklists and Extra Gear (Mostly OVERSIZE items)[/li]
[li]Double Melee Attack for All Enemies[/li]
[li]Funk’s Misc Items by Funk Link down. Anyone have a copy?[/li]
[li]No Shocker Zombies[/li][/ul]


[ul][li][VER] - This mod is strictly compatible with the indicated version, trying it on another version is not recommended.[/li]
[li][RAW] - This links to raw data and will require creation of a mod or editing core data files to implement. This is not as scary as it sounds, try it. doc\sample_mods contains several examples and/or templates.[/li]
[li][M] - Most or all of this mods content has been incorporated into the core game.[/li]
[li][M/E] - This mod is available with the game, but the forum version contains extended content.[/li][/ul]

[center]Adding New Mods to an Old World[/center]
Mods may be added to an existing world by adding the “ident” field from the mods ‘modinfo.json’ to the ‘mods.json’ in your worlds save directory. Be certain to note the comma separating each entry. There should be no comma trailing the final entry.

Have I made a mistake? Did I miss your mod? Feel free to PM me or reply to this post, I try to check the board daily. Please do not quote the entire list in your reply. Cheers! :slight_smile:

[center]This list was inspired by [glow=purple,2,300]rremyroy[/glow]. Thanks for the survey![/center]
[center]Special thanks to [glow=green,2,300]KliPeH[/glow] for cleaning up the list and making it easy on the eyes![/center]
[center]Thanks also to [glow=red,2,300]Kevin Granade[/glow] for the great job he does keeping this game moving foward![/center]


[glow=green,2,300]-=Fun Facts=-[/glow]
Mods are loaded in order. Thus, a mod at the bottom of the list will override a mod further up the list and all mods override the core game files. This can play havoc with your game, particularly if you are using custom monstergroups. There are exceptions, but I have to track down the relevant posts again.

How to Change Your Font - link to the relevant cataclysm wiki page which includes links to several monospace fonts. In addition, here are a couple fonts posted to the forums:
Square 16x16 Ascii Font instructions by Okiemurse
Rogue Font by Rogue Yun - link down for Rogue font, several fonts available ITT.
Square Fonts Pack by Firestorm_01 - Updated 2/22/2016
[glow=red,2,300]Staging Area[/glow]
Bob’s Mods : by Bob_Namg : http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=12202.msg268779#msg268779
Build Pavement & Sidewalk Mod : by jboadas : http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=12083.msg266655#msg266655
Water Bear: RAW : http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=12046.msg265949#msg265949
CataDDA Powershell Launcher script by erzett: http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=10184.0 - Not sure how to classify this one.


Reorganize by categories (Same as in mod selection menu, use common sense for uncategorized mods) Include a link to a separate popularity contest thread, will unclutter this page. Retire “Popular” and “Lab Work” categories.
Unofficial Updates to Mods get their own category, remove tacked on -“Update for XXXX” from original entry.
Wilderness mod fixes to remaining content: steel crucible is made of clay, starch missing conversion to flour recipe.

A huge thank you for the compilation! Perhaps this can be stickied in the mod section for easy access or something.

I have a little thing to ask from you, hopefully without sounding ungrateful while I do it. I do truly appreciate all the effort you put into that list.
Can you style it in a way that makes it look cleaner and a bit easier on the reader’s eye? Perhaps shortening the URLs (even putting them as the mod name with the [url] tags), following an organized “[Mod name] by [author name]” format, bold/italicized/underlined text for different things, status tags (WIP, Broken, Outdated) etc.

Heck, I can post that for you so you can copy-paste it into your thread, just tell me if it’s alright to do so. This looks very cluttered on mobile and I would like to help out.

I intend to fix things up, this is very much a preliminary list I threw together as I was compiling it. I can’t figure out how to do proper links here, the button just gives a couple of url tags that turn whatever is in between them into a link. If you know how to do it, please inform me :slight_smile: I will take the time to fix this up over the weekend.

Oh, no need for that; I already organized everything and sent it over in a PM. Feel free to change anything and, obviously, paste it into your OP.

Just for the record, to create custom named links you paste your text between the URL tags, whereas the actual website address is in the first tag right after the equals sign.
Like so:

I’m fairly certain you did this correctly, you just forgot to change the URL between the tags into custom text so the URL was basically used twice.
The same can be done with spoilers.

Very nice KliPeH, thanks for taking the time! :slight_smile: It’s much easier to read now. And double thanks for explaining the tags here. I’ve been using them wrong the whole time, I just surrounded the url with the tags, should have known they worked like standard html. My messages won’t be so hard to read ever again, wooot!

I hope someone can rehost Nimians mod, it’s a shame I can’t link it.

Very nice list. A mod hub if you will. Will make it easier to share mods around here.

No problem, glad I could contribute after so many people helped me out with my newb questions over at the Tips & Tricks thread!

Just to be clear, mods without any tags are fully functional and can be used on both the experimental version and the stable 0.C, thus I don’t think that one [0.C+EXP] tag is very necessary. jus’ sayin’

I gave it both because he has one version for stable and a new one for experimental. I don’t want 0.C users to not check it out because it says [EXP] and vice versa. I guess no tag would accomplish that just as well, they can find out for themselves from the OP. I haven’t tried all the mods in the Latest list, I imagine some of the last few are from 0.B like XStuff. I’ll take the tag off AKnifeInTheDark’s mod.

Edit: And no tag goes along with what’s in the top paragraph anyway…:wink:

FYI in the OP, I did not make the vehicle additions pack mod, that was Blaze.

Thanks for pointing that out, I must’ve screwed that up somewhere, I knew that :stuck_out_tongue: It’s ‘blazemod’ in my head after all, I had to look up the real name.

Ok…I’ve necroposted like mad, provided fixes for stuff that was simply missing a couple data entries and now my eyes hurt.

Do you mean the [VER] tag in the last one? Because some mods do explictly say they won’t work on experimental / stable builds, that’s why we’re using it.

You could introduce a [RAW] tag for these raw-info notes; they’re useful for people new to downloading mods who don’t know how to directly modify the code in the game. Besides, tags are neat and make the list look more tidy :wink:

There’s something I don’t quite understand though - what’s the purpose of dropbox’d versions for certain mods? Are they only partially included in the main game, requiring a separate “full” version? Because they can be found in the default mod list already in-game and mod updates are getting PR’d into new experimental builds so there’s no real reason for them to be included incomplete.

blaze mod and medieval mod both have dropboxed versions which include additional content. Blazemod’s extended version has blob parts and medieval mod has shields. I don’t know why, it’s just the way it is. I’ll add that raw tag though, thats a good idea. Xstuff says in it’s post that it’s for 0.B and hasn’t been updated since mid-February.

[s]Nimian's Manufacture Weapons by [b]GreatTuna[/b][/s] (file hosted at rghost, a known malware website, hence it won't be linked here)

I’m still have a copy of that mod, could upload it to a safe website, if needed.

Please, do so :). It’s been several days and GreatTuna hasn’t responded to his thread. An alternate link would let me put that mod into circulation again. It looks like I need to add a couple mods to the list as well. Merry Xmas!

Oh no my mod isn’t popular… I need to work harder ! :smiley:

Don’t be disheartened. “Popular” is perhaps a misleading section title. Those mods were sourced from the recent survey, and I’m fairly certain your mod didn’t exist at the time of the survey. I have your mod running in all my worlds now, the more guns the better! I just wish I could tell which mod was giving me a particular gun so I had an easier time complaining at people :wink:

Was the the Minian Manufactor mod given to you yet? I also have a copy if you need it.

I haven’t heard back from Osobist, no. If you could send me the file, or a link to a clean host, that would be awesome.