Kevlar is a fabric, isn't it?

Currently kevlar can only be repaired with a welder or soldering iron, which means that a small amount of clothing can’t be repaired with sewing equipment (wooden needle, sewing kit, tailoring kit, etc.) even though it really should be.

I’m not sure if kevlar in game is for some reason ‘solid’, but cursory research suggests that most kevlar is woven into a fabric before being used, especially in body armor.

This suggests that you should be able to repair/reinforce clothing made of kevlar with sewing equipment. This is supported by the fact that the player is able to pad out existing garments with kevlar using a tailors kit.

The main reason I discovered this issue was that i found certain pieces of clothing, made only or primarily of kevlar, can’t be padded with extra kevlar to improve their armor rating, which seems unrealistic and inconsistent.

Sorry if this is in the wrong category, I’m currently on mobile and can’t very well tell which is which.

The idea is that kevlar clothes are made of bonded kevlar and other plastics, and that patching requires fusing kevlar patches into place. I don’t know how accurate this is, if you find any resources, please share them.

Well from what i can tell, it seems kevlar is usually a fabric, then bonded or laminated with more kevlar or other materials. For post apoc survivors that would probably consist of layers of kevlar superglued together.

It’s arguable whether you could sew kevlar armor back together, but the tailors kit already includes a lighter for plastic repairs, so it would make sense to let it repair kevlar.

I do own one Polish military kevlar helmet and one Polish bulletproof vest.

First one is rigid and hard, almost ceramiclike, and what i heard about these helmets is they are made from kevlar patches soaked in synthetic resin.
The vest is made from Cordura (nylon&cotton) and has pouches for 6 kevlar inserts and 2 steel or ceramic plates. Kevlar used there is quite dense, yellow and fabriclike. You can easily see its structure and i think it could be possible to rip it into kevlar threads.

Right – as others have said, “Kevlar” sheets are used to create armor, etc., but making it into armor involves laminating and fusing processes that create a rigid plate or shape. The kevlar layer is on top, and is no longer a fabric that can be sewn or mended.

Maybe the idea of brute-force melting/welding pieces together is why the welder or soldering iron are usable to repair kevlar items.

That does seem to be the method, but raw kevlar could still probably be sewn into whatever lining kevlar plates are held in place with in a garment. Plus, some items are made from pretty much only kevlar, like the RM13 Combat Armor which only has kevlar and ceramic in the material list. We could pretty safely assume that some or all of the kevlar in it is still a non-rigid fabric.

Even then, we still use the tailors kit to attach kevlar to existing items and it says in the description that it has a lighter for fusing plastic, so it should at least be possible to repair kevlar items with it. Let alone attach more kevlar to an existing piece of armor.

From my experience, there isn’t a Kevlar Fabric item in the game. There is only the plating which is usually used as inserts into armour in pockets to protect the area. The tailor’s kit sews kelvar plating into the lining of the object. All you’re doing is making a pocket, putting a kevlar plate in there and then sewing the pocket closed. You’re not creating a new synthweave. The tools to synthweave aren’t present within the game, so any time you’re able to interact with Kevlar, it should be assumed that you’re only interacting with the hard plates. Think of it like a light lump of steel if that helps. You can’t sew that.

You can’t just sew Kevlar in any case. The way the fabric works is in the arrangement of the synth fibers and with tight gripping that can’t really be achieved by hand. If you did it by hand, it would be like sewing with fishing line because your repair isn’t tied in to the central structure of the synthetic weave tightly as it’s made. It’s just a piece of string holding two pieces of kevlar together and would probably burst apart when you put it on. You’re never repairing Kevlar Fabric. You’re repairing the plates. I just assume that the fabric is fine for the wear and tear of apocalypse life and it’s not actually going to get torn or worn out, nor is it able to be salvaged and used again unless the structure is maintained, as in some survivor’s gear needing an actual vest to be crafted.

But hell, I’ve repaired a tank with nothing but an Oxyacetylene torch so this game has much larger internal logic issues than not being able to sew an extremely dense and machine-assisted synthetic fiber weave.

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what you describe in your first paragraph is an armor carrier, not kevlar armor.