Dragon skin vest vs. kevlar vest

Is this ok, that ‘state-of-the-art’ dragon skin vest is worse than simple kevlar vest?

Try increasing material thickness to 6.

Thanks! 4 is good enough (4 is also a kevlar vest thickness). My problem is solved (until the next update, when i’ll have to do this again).

I usually make a bugfix mod to hold things like this. Items are easier to override using copy-from.

Dragon Skin Vest is actually based off a real life vest, which coincidentally didn’t make the cut for the US army because it couldn’t stand up in extreme temperatures.

What REALLY makes it worse than a Kevlar vest is that you can’t repair a Dragon Skin Vest, which really turns you off from using it.

But we can repair the dragon skin vest… There is no damaged dsv in my inventory so i can’t test it, but i’m sure i repaired it several time in the past and i have a ++dragon skin vest in my car trunk.

should not be able to, irrc

I know, it is in its description, so maybe it is a bug.

That’s odd. I’m not able to repair mine at all. Same with the PRM items that PK added in his mod.

Lemme check if that’s still the case.

I debugged a zombie bio-operator until one of them dropped a damaged dragon skin vest. I can’t repair it. Hm, it is strange.

Ok, i play rarely and i started this character in 2017 Nov (date of my mods.json) and the NO_REPAIR flag for this armor was implemented in 'end of this Januar ( #22821). So i must repaired the dsv between this two dates. So it is irrepairable as it should be.

wouldn’t you technically be able to unload it of ceramic disks and reload it? as in, take out the damaged disks and insert fresh ones.maybe take two damaged ones and combine their disks into one full set.

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Maybe we let it die? Or make it more common? Its so rare, and often critically damaged by the time you get your mitts on it.

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Funny thing is, even when damaged it would still hold back a standard F1 frag grenade while directly atop the blast. Mean while in life sucks world, the wearer would be turned into meat confetti BUT the vest is still good! XD

That was from real life tests. So I think the vest being damaged should still flatly stop a scaled amount of ballistic damage. If assuming you got shot in the chest.

New= frag / 7.62x51
light damage = some damage from frag but mostly in the clear / 5.56x45
damaged to falling apart = possible absorb 9mm and outer reach shrapnel but still gets hurt because of the gaps.

Caveat= There really does exist a chemical-esque treatment of small particles(that resemble milk) that can be poured onto fabric to make it stab resistant. In game terms, it could be implemented to treat clothing and armor to the affect of cutting/slashing damage turns into bash damage. So it would absorb the stab/slash/bullet/shrapnel, nut as a result it would be more prone to break your bones…which would be a toss up to the individual if that helps or hinders.

Could someone look this sh!t up please? Make a new thread and I’ll endorse it :slight_smile:

One small side note. Why don’t we have Titanium? Hard as funk to work with but, it is literally feather light and strong as steel.

Titanium itself is nearly half the weight of steel, but it’s not quite as strong or hard. More importantly, it’s nearly chemical neutral and can make some amazing alloys mixed with other metals.

We could probably safely assume that the superalloy ingame has some titanium in it.

On the subject of the dragon skin vest, is it at all possible for it to have a number of “charges” of discs, and have each hit over a certain damage value remove a charge or two? Then have the vest itself be repairable, and you can just keep putting new discs in. So long as it has discs it has high armor values, but if it runs out the armor rating drops. (Probably not possible, I know, but that would be a fun way to do it.)

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Could fudge that too and just say in the Cat world it works this way. Why not? Kevlar uses plates in pockets even in real life. Why not say it has 2 layers and use the plate idea. Titanium may not be as hard but when made thicker, you can have the near strength of steel with lighter metal. Just make it Lab only and rare. Find the stuff. Gather lots. Make stuff.

Make what exactly? We already have superalloy for a super technomagic metal, I don’t think adding another is going to be particularly useful for much when we barely have a handful of uses for the one we have.

Ultra-Light armor for those who have only t-shirts and jeans to work with at the present time. Leather is a step up. But for those with end game levels of skill. The allowance of Titanium options would be very nice. Lighter than kevlar and steel. Not encumbering. Whats not to like. Get all super hero style costume like XD

Seriously, I hate tanking in game. I think looking like the friggin Michelan Man is silly. I wanna shoot and skoot with out getting scratched when some mob nails me runnin around a corner! =)

Thin sheets of any metal won’t protect you against anything. You need a certain amount of thickness to make it worth wearing. And then you need to armor joints and everything… at that point just wear steel plate and be happy with it.


I can right this moment go into Home Depot or Lowes and buy thin sheets of metal than can easily stop an arrow or a knife attack and I’d only be adding aluminum. They both carry steel and brass too. I know a lot about this as I customize bicycles.

Should be noted if I had sheets of aluminum and sheets of kevlar. I’d be able to absorb a substantial amount of damage from mobs to light projectiles and blades. Now as for BASH damage. That is different. You could get breaks, bruises and fractures depending on the force of the assault. But penetration? Light armor awesome-nature!

Slashing to .22 caliber would be a decent expectation.

Well I’m not sure about your definition of “thin”, but aluminum foil isn’t going to stop a knife. Get too much thicker and you’re going to have a real hard time moving in it.

Just look at real life steel plate armor. That’s decently thick, you can move around in it, and a 9mm round will go through like a hot knife through butter. Swords and teeth on the other hand…

I mean sure, you could duct tape some sheet metal to your chest and it might stop a knife, you could probably move alright in it too. Won’t stop a bullet though.