Kevlar Hulk spawn rates maybe over the top?

Hello, playing latest experimental here. I was about to loot one of those Research Facilities and after clearing the ground floor I think there were around 30 Kevlar Hulk corpses on the ground. I didn’t even bring that many .50 rounds (which seems to be the most effective way to stop them) so I had to lure them out of the building and run them over with a truck.

Thankfully I managed to kill them but so many of them seems a bit excessive?

I agree with above and also don’t love Kevlar hulks period. They reduce the nuance of the hulk being a big bad to a schoolyard argument of “I’m even bigger! With more armor!” When that role is already taken by the skeletal juggernaut, which is more nuanced and interesting.

I don’t understand the kevlar line of zombies from a lore perspective. The blob mutates phenotypes and has strange otherworldly properties (i.e. shockers) but the kevlar zombies are the result of a kevlar vest becoming a full body suit and then a walking tank. I would much rather see security guards and job-specific zombies have no mutation line, as they should provide most of your early game challenge, and regular zombies be able to mutate into a vast variety of awful things, like creatures covered in shells or a sticky substance that gets covered in rocks and wood, acting like a natural kevlar, but making them much slower. I would much prefer we embrace strange and awful mutations than weird job specific lineages. Bio operators may be an exception because any case where the cybernetics could continue learning would make for more deadly zeds.

If you wore a suit when you died do you become a business zombie?


Lol don’t give people ideas. Parking meter zombies that plaster your windshield in citations.

Ugh. This role should be taken by a robot anyway.

Robo Janitors and parking cops seem futuristic enough while not being nauseatingly scifi. I would love to see more innocuous robots than the bipolarity of the eyebot and the robocop.

I think it’s a mistake to have occupational zombies beyond the very basic ones.

I do like the idea of more “annoying” robots, and it is appropriate given the general lack of infrastructure and maintenance. Familiar with the nurse bots?

But yeah bots that try to impound your vehicle could be great. I can imagine coming back to a car with boots on the steerable wheels. Paying off citations also gives players a way to use all the cash they can collect (other than buying gas… I guess?)

Off topic I suppose.

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Kevlar hulks also don’t make much sense in the way they were mutated. They had fixed amount of kevlar on them, right? So how are they now both several times bigger, and have better protection covering all their body? Where did al that additional kevlar come from? “a wizard did it”?


blobzard did et


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The blob works in mysterious ways my friend.

Kevlar is an organic polymer. If you read the description, the ‘kevlar’ is actually mutated skin patterned after the armour… I generally dislike that you get actual kevlar from them, it’s not meant to be the same stuff but something that resembles it.

When i designed them they were supposed to be one of three mutation pathways for soldiers, which would significantly reduce their frequency. It doesn’t appear that the “black ops” and “acid blaster” types are appearing in game though, and I’m not sure why.

As for being ‘bigger and badder’ than a hulk, they’re actually meant to compare more to a skeletal juggernaut, and are somewhat weaker than their bony counterparts in most regards. Plain jane hulks need some further evolutionary pathways, they’re a stage behind the juggernauts.


Black ops and acid sniper zombies do appear in game. They are only much rarer than kevlar hulks so soldiers probably don’t turn into them that often. Than there is the fact that security zombies seem to only turn into kevlar hulks so this explains some of the increased numbers of hulks.

If it’s something that’s “not kevlar but resembles it”, wouldn’t that make it so it could be used as a kevlar replacement anyway? So “harvesting” kevlar from them just saves the game on having an additional material that behaves exactly the same as kevlar.
Unless you immagined it to have skin properties in the sense that it can also rot.

It’s not really meant to be as tough as Kevlar. You’ll note it’s fairly easy to hurt a Kevlar zombie with a gun, even a fairly weak gun. Their skin inherits some structural properties from Kevlar, and looks a bit like it (including some obviously visible grown-in patches of real armour), but it’s not a perfect replica.

Doesn’t that mean that the “kevlar” you harvest form kevlar zombies and hulks is acturally that grown-in patches of kevlar and not the skin itself?

There’s much too much of it for that.

If they are the same armored zeds I find inside lab buildings as security. I have to use .50 weapons to blast them or nothing gets through their armor. Maybe this has changed or I’m fighting a different zed. But requiring a 50cal isn’t fairly weak. Hoping I found the wrong zed. I’d hate to see what is considered difficult lol

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Armoured zombies are a different, much more heavily armoured thing.

As soon as 42486 merges, kevlar zombie lines will be just one of several major evolution for soldiers, as was my original intention

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Yeah armored zombie is the first enemy I’ve found that didn’t die to diamond kukri. I had to pummel it down with bare fists (I guess I could’ve grabbed a nearby gun, but…) I’m now convinced that blunt damage is objectively superior to cutting. I’m trying to imagine a scenario where cut is actually preferable.

Anything that has soft tissues, as cutting weapons are usually not as heavy (and takes less moves to attack with) as blunt weapons.
So items causing cutting damage are good starting to midgame weapons, in my opinion.

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I would agree, but it’s relatively easy to get a PR-24 early on. And it is easier to carry around than a machete.

We do really need to add some more big beefy low-armoured enemies to the late game meta, things where chopping and burning is better than smashing and stabbing.