Kevlar is a fabric, isn't it?

I’m confused because I wrote not as much detail? Pretty sure I got most of this across. But thanks on behalf of those that didn’t know it :slight_smile:

  1. The core in AP rounds isn’t for weight, it’s to increase the hardness of the projectile so it doesn’t deform and waste all its energy expanding. Weight is relatively meaningless in this case.
  2. A hammer is hard and flat, which means it will spread its energy over its full surface of contact without deforming. If you hit someone with one with the energy of a .22, they would be fine(ish), because the energy is spread over the surface. If you then hit them with a blade with the same energy, you would cut them because the energy is exerted on a small area which can separate the material.
    Bullets are somewhere in the middle. They aren’t that sharp (they don’t need to be) but most aren’t flat so can expend some/most/all of their energy on separating the target before deforming into a hammer shape.

It’s possible I’m misunderstanding your hammer analogy though.

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Possible but 2 things. I’m perpetually tired and my responses are shorter given how tired I am compared to getting an hour ofsleep lol

Plus my standard keyboard broke. So I all I have now is my tablet trash keyboard which makes me want to type less . Sorry. No problems either way mate. I understand what you mean. When I was young I went shooting at my localgun club. This kinda chat is normal for me :slight_smile:

edit: you put it better than the more anecdotal mention when I wrote tungsten and lead too. So all good.

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