Hydroponics mod


Here is my hydroponic mod. You need to craft a hydroponic tray with plastic chunks, electronic waste, copper pipes and a metal tank(reusable) and fill it with batteries, fertilizer, water and seeds to start growing. Please do note that the growth times are currently not balanced. I’ll get to it after exams. All seeds (except for mycus berry) should work with the tray. (do let me know if it doesnt or if i missed any). It is an item, so you can just put it on the floor, in basements, or containers and it will work.

I envision the hydroponic tray as a self enclosed container that has multiple slots for plants. Plant roots are suspended/submerged in water, eliminating need for soil, and grow in a light/temperature controlled environment.

Sort out growth times for plants
Advanced variant of tray (faster growth times)
include compatibility for the ‘rice plant’ and ‘material plants’ mod
*use activation action to ‘harvest’(disassemble) mature plant. (I cant figure out how to do this. If anyone knows how, i would be grateful)
use storage batteries instead of batteries

far out plans
hydroponic rack (vehicle part)-> you place hydroponic trays in this rack, and it will drain electricity and water from vehicle storage while it progress. (I was told this would require source code edits, and i have no idea how to do so, but i would like to accomplish this one day(also vehicle mounted fermentation vat)

Thanks and i hope you enjoy


Oh my…in containers too? Now that’s…intriguing. And somewhat unbalanced. But hey, it helps with mobile bases. Thanks for the hardwork c:

Would it be possible to make a variant that uses a full small storage battery instead of actual batteries? It’d be a shame if you had to keep making/finding batteries to grow food.

yeah i will look into that. My rationale behind using batteries was that it was a renewable (craftable) resource, and somewhat balances against having fast growing plants. I added your request to the todo, thanks for your feedback