A wandering updater appears! Works with B8166 (lazy b8212 update in comments)


That sounds badass! I want! Is it updated?
edit: I’m wondering if the author’s from the future…They mention 0.D like it’s something that’s already playable. Is android on a different update schedule than the rest of us?
edit2: this one’s gonna need some work. Neat stuff, looks like an attempt at making a creature explode into other creatures via lua, 5 years of monster evolutions, descriptions for monsters are a little rough, but informative. I’ll work on it :wink:

edit: DeadPeopleXotto Tileset rocks:

Say hello to the Skeletal Juggernaut

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Dorf_life has an issue due to the recent Smoky Bear changes. It has been fixed, download the new version via link to Dorf_life in OP.
Also, apparently SD_winterclothes has a minor error involving ltblue pants. I’m adding the mod to pack with a fixed version, download the fixed mod here.

Be sure to thank @PhenomPhear for working with me to straighten this out.

edit: dorf life updated, download new version if u get mon_bear_smoky error.

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Malkeus, you have error in your mod list!
Alternative map key mod should be at the bottom of the load order or esle map will look wrong. It will look like a hybrid of alt map, and vanilla map.


Thanks for the heads up! I hadn’t really noticed bc I’m using a different font n everything looks weird af anyway :P. I’ll move it on down and see what it comes up with.


Users of Modular Turrets and Jury-Rigged-Robots may be interested to know about the items blacklisted by the mods. By default, JRR blacklists the control laptop and Modular Turrets blacklists the following: “control_laptop”, “cerberus_laser”, “bot_turret”, “bot_rifleturret”, “bot_antimateriel”, “bot_laserturret”.

In the interest of completeness, Poracomp v1.5 blacklists “revolver_crossbow”, “pre-load_revolver_crossbow”, “mask_lsurvivor”, “mask_survivor”, “mask_hsurvivor”, “mask_survivorxl”, “pants_survivor”, “lsurvivor_suit”, “survivor_suit”, “hsurvivor_suit”, “wsurvivor_suit”, “boots_wsurvivor”, “gloves_wsurvivor”, “hood_wsurvivor”, “mask_wsurvivor”, “mask_wsurvivorxl”, “fsurvivor_suit”, “boots_fsurvivor”, “gloves_fsurvivor”, “hood_fsurvivor”, “mask_fsurvivor”, “mask_fsurvivorxl”, “h20survivor_suit”, “boots_h20survivor”, “gloves_h20survivor”, “hood_h20survivor”, “boots_lsurvivor”, “boots_survivor”, “boots_hsurvivor”, “gloves_lsurvivor”, “gloves_survivor”, “gloves_hsurvivor”, “hood_lsurvivor”, “hood_survivor”, “helmet_hsurvivor”, “xlsurvivor_suit”, “gloves_xlsurvivor”, “boots_xlsurvivor”, “hood_xlsurvivor”, “helmet_xlsurvivor”, “mask_h20survivor”, “mask_h20survivor_on”, “mask_h20survivorxl”, “mask_h20survivorxl_on”, “survivor_goggles”

Each mod has it’s reasons for their blacklists, I know Poracomp has an alternative to the survivorsuit which is equally viable, thus disabling the mainline version makes sense, and I believe the revolver crossbow was an old version of another item in the mod and follows the precedent in mainline by blacklisting discontinued items and stuffing them in obsolete.json. I can guess the reason behind disabling control laptop and the original constructable turrets was balance issues.

If you wish to remove these blacklists, simply delete the file with blacklist in the filename in the relevant mod folder. Poracomp has an obsolete.json with the crossbow entries in it.

The next release of this modpack will have a version of JRR with the blacklist disabled. I’m disabling the blacklist in my copy of modular turrets, but I"m not adding it to the pack, make your own choice.

I’m posting this in response to this post. I don’t want any users of this pack to spend hours hunting for an item that isn’t there.

As far as I know, disabling the blacklist in an ongoing game won’t hurt anything, though you may need to travel to freshly generated terrain to get the new spawns. Recipes should be available through book or skill level as usual.

If anyones curious, I’m working on integrating the 40k mod with much weaker or better placed enemies. No more lumping everything into group zombie, some of the stuff will only spawn around places it makes sense for them to spawn. So…say goodbye to first day Twisted brutes in town. If you make suggestions now, I can work on integrating them.


I think I’m in love with you two, just for the fact that my favourite tileset and my favourite modpack now joined forces. So beautiful sniff

Ehem, anyways, while you’re playing around, may I interest you in some other mods you might wanna add, or put them under optional mods?

You may want to change some stats of those items though - The Hydroponics are surprisingly easy to make after a little while, and the grow-time of the plants is just a few days - make it a season or at least 10-20 days and it might fit better with the overall ‘harder’ gameplay of your modpack.

That one kinda is a must if you’re talking guns. It adds a surprising variety of new guns and ammo, making it potentially a bit harder to get fitting ammo, but it’s also a lot more rewarding if you find a rare, powerful gun with fitting ammo and magazine.

I think there was another mod I wanted to show you, but I don’t remmeber which one anymore…oh well, next time.


Thanks, it’s nice to hear someone likes the pack. :slight_smile: And thanks for the headsup on the Hydroponics mod, I’ll be checking that out for sure and most likely add it as optional if it’s working out of the box… As for Artyom’s, :sheep: :smile: I forgot to add it to the list. I’ve been running it since day one:

I’ll fix that, thanks for the link so I don’t have to hunt it down.


You should know I like the pack :stuck_out_tongue: I helped not too long ago.

Since you’re changing, fixing and balancing the mods, could I give you a small idea, regarding the ‘add bandits’ mod?
From what I saw ingame, most bandits seem to have a rather narrow Weapon-range, in my opinion. Looking at the Json, this proves to be correct - you have a Glock-Bandit, with the only possible weapon for him being a glock, a Shotgun-bandit who only carries a single- or double-barrel shotguns basically, a M1911 Bandit who carries a M1911, and so on.
While this is in theory fine, I personally feel that this whole ‘making 1 bandit per gun’ a bit odd, especially if you consider that, at the start, 90% of the bandits only seem to have glocks. Loot a town, and I can guarantee that you’ll get a dozen semi-broken glocks, fitting (damaged) magazines and most likely a few hundred reloaded 9mm bullets, just because a lot of bandits spawned in the town and they got killed by zombies.
This feels slightly…well, immersion-breaking. Why would all the bandits in most towns use a glock? Why no USPs? COP? Sig? You get the Idea.

My Idea is to put guns into groups, like ‘weak pistols’, ‘medium pistols’, ‘strong/armor piercing/military pistols’, ‘simple/weak shotguns’, …
With this in mind, one could get a few ‘weak pistol’ bandits (with some .22 pistols for example, or pretty shitty pistols in general), a few ‘normal pistol’ bandits (glock, usp, whatever is roughly in the same damage range I guess) at the start - One could still get them to ‘uprade’ with monster evolution, like it is in the mod (glock -> m1911 -> smg for example), but they would take a different path (weak pistols -> medium pistols -> strong pistols). Similarly, SMGs like a Mac10 or Tec9 should be more common with bandits, since they would, more often than not, have a criminal background, and those two smgs are quite popular with criminals. So finding 1-2 of those ‘crappy smg’ bandits would make sense too.

Of course, this would most likey…take a lot of work. You’d need to change most of the existing bandits and probably add some more, while making sure that they still have their proper evolutions and stuff.


I like the idea in theory, but you’re right about the amount of work involved. It would be easy if I knew a way to let a monster pick a weapon from a list as opposed to each monster entry having a specific weapon. Adding bandits with different weapons wouldn’t be difficult, just time consuming, a unique ident, name, a simple copy-from and the new weapon info…and droplist. Then they need integrated into the monstergroups, splitting the freq so as to not overwhelm us with bandits…A lot of copy and pasting. And another issue is that I am unfamiliar with the strengths of the various guns, which will involve a lot of research.

Something I want to look into: does the name need to be unique? It would be interesting if you couldn’t tell that if that bandit was carrying a glock or a deagle until he opened fire or you looked at his description. It would lend some menace to the lower tier enemies and make you consider each one as a potential threat.

All in all, I’m interested, but I think I’ll need some help for such an extensive overhaul. Something I’m utterly uninterested in doing is researching the guns for instance, so if someone could give me a general list broken into tiers to work off of, that would speed things up a lot. I plan to stick to mainline weapons only for now to maintain the mods current dependencies. Other mods can get their own patches if it takes off.

Here’s hoping my boss doesn’t fire me before christmas.


Looking at the Bandit json more closely…it’s actually less work than anticipated. I’ll send you a message about it, don’t want to unnecessarily clutter the thread with long posts.

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Hey, have you seen any dino’s in your play throughs yet? I just went 13 days, my longest record, and I didn’t see any


Well, they tend to spawn in caves and sewers more than anywhere else. They are present in the forests, but rarely. One thing I have NEVER seen is the dinosaur facility that gives them a place to spawn inside a city, other than the sewers.

I’ll look at their numbers topside and see if we can get a few to spawn. probably just getting drowned out by some bad settings. I’m working on spreading the mod spawns out a bit and reducing their frequency so they aren’t all we see.


Awesome! Thanks for looking into that


Just as a heads up - I found some in some of my playthroughs. Some Gallimimus, a small herd of 10 or so, if I recall correctly. I also saw some Parasaurolophus, I think. But yes, they seem to be pretty rare. I believe they have a small chance of spawning inside LMOE shelters or similar underground places as well, not only sewers and caves, because I’m pretty sure I saw some dinos in an LMOE once. Never saw a field office either, at least not in the newer versions. Of course, with the amount of new buildings they added since the dino-mod was first introduced, and the amount of additional building mods I have active, that thing not showing up seems to be a possibility.

For the record: It seems that those field offices are considered ‘parks’ - I’m not sure whats all included in parks, but I wager that this group of buildings has a pretty low spawn rate, in favor of having more useful and lootable places.


On looking it over, there are several groups that are unique to the mod and probably only have a chance of showing up inside the field office. Other than that, they only spawn in swamps, sewers and caves. I’ll spread the love a little bit, then we’ll have a chance to have an Allosaurus spawn outside the shelter on ALL of our starts!
I can see how easy it would be to miss all dinosaurs as the groups stand now. Open question here: does anyone know how “auto_total” works in monstergroups? I’m thinking it adds all the freq numbers together and populates the spawnlist to that amount, but I don’t know for certain. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the effort to try to total them by hand and set the total draws individually for each group. Also, does auto_total negate the use of whatever’s set in “default”? I can’t find a lot of information on monstergroups.


Hey, is there a way to make the bandits not dependent? They are super annoying… Also need any help?


I’m changing their behavior and spwning to be less annoying. They’re very rudimentary right now, basically slightly mobile turrets that drop clothes and guns. It won’t be in the next update, but they’re getting some attention Next update they’ll have more varied drops.

Edit: Lots of update in the last week or so, PK’s, dorf life, Advanced Gear. Expect one for Poracomp within a couple days to fix the minor vacuum packed meat error. If you’re getting complaints about mon_bear_smoky, be sure to update dorf life. And Pk’s is now more compatible with other mods that add monsters, yay!
Oh yeah…I had hairs+ installed, in my modlist, rather than zets hair extensions which is a fixed version of Hairs+. I just opened those archives and dropped everything but the modinfo.json into zets hair extensions, same with whaley’s tattoo’s. Had to edit the mods.json in the save to get rid of all those extraneous Hairs+ mods and add zets. Had no errors or world load or new survivor, so all good there.


Just wanted to chime in saying how much I appreciate the work you’ve put in assembling this, so many questions of what mods to use. The answer is now very simple!

/if the bandit change happened that would be amazing, glocks for days does seem odd…

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He’s working on it - next to fixing up the Warhammer Mod, to make it playable. He also seems to play around with the amount of bullets they are dropping, potentially making it a bit more random, which is nice. I’d give you more of an update, but I’m not exactly sure what he’s planning either.
I do have a rough idea of what the new bandits will look like in the future though, so that’s something.


I’ve got a playable version of 40K, when combined with the combo patch to regulate the spawns…Should I copy the relevant numbers and groups from the combo patch into 40K so it can be played solo with better monster spawns? Now that I’m writting it, it seems like a good idea…
Speaking of the combo patch, I’ve discovered the “starts” modifier so I can push back the truly ridiculous things to a few days in. I’ve gotten things spread out over about 30 days now, getting progressively harder. The goal was to simulate contact being made and the scouts and explorers traveling through, making contact with enemy factions and calling for reinforcements…Your first day should still be chaotic, but with fewer unavoidable deaths. You just can’t take on a twisted brute on day one, nor should zombie Queens be showing up on day one. That was the cause of a lot of crazy stuff showing up on day one. They’re like zombie master’s on crack.
I’ve paused work on those two to revamp the bandits bc I agree, they’re super annoying. I’d like some opinions on the behavior of ‘Bandits’. Currently I’ve gotten them to the point where they will ignore you, unless provoked. Then they will chase you relentlessly, until you manage to injure them. Then they fire off one last shot and run away, unless they get distracted by some loot(corpse, or unfortunately, meat) first. But hurting them should make them skittish, so just try yelling right after you injure them. Looters should be cowardly unless attacked and braver in groups. Not much work done on them yet. Oh, and Bandits and highwayman got their drop lists overhauled. Bandits should only drop 1 gun(possibly loaded, possibly with empty mag, possibly nonexistent), some clothes and maybe a bit of ammo. Highwayman share the cop_zombie drops, so sometimes they drop 2 guns, might need to adjust that.
Let me know what you think, I gotta get to work.

TESTING version of M_Agent_Bandits