How do i edit farm code

i want to create hydroponic farms and artificial nutrient hydroponic farms which respectively lower growth time to 10 and 1 days but need large amounts of electricity from a vehicle system. The problem is i dont know how to make plants grow on vehicles and i don’t know how to increase growth speed or make a tile able to be planted on so i kinda need help. Thanks for any input bye

I would suggest getting familiar with github (at least being able to create your own repo), then getting notepad++ and finding which .cpp has the farm code in it.

If this is all new to you but you’re serious and willing to put in the time to learn, come by the IRC and ask questions! That’s how I learned.

Balance check: shortening growth time would be much more likely to merge if

  1. it’s less radical (say, hydroponics can be planted at any time, rather than being temperature dependent, so you can plant in winter/spring, and high-power hydroponics cut time by a third, so 67% normal time),
  2. it’s proportionate to season length rather than pegged to a particular count. Lots of folks play with extended seasons (91 is pretty realistic; default is 1 DDA day to 6 wall-calendar days) so a 1-day growth cycle would shatter the game for them.