Vehicle-mounted Hydroponics bay

So how about something like this. Drains a little water from an onboard water tank, needs power for light to grow (and provides light), but you can grow food or weed in it or something. It shouldn’t take up that much space, so it could probably function as a board, or just a freestanding growing spot.

estimated recipe:
8x Pipe
6x Plastic Chunk
2x Sheet Metal
2x Flashlight
1x Rubber hose
1x Small/Little metal tank
1x Small electric motor.

As an alternative, how about potted plants? Just a clay or plastic pot, some fertilizer and your seeds. activate to feed with water until it’s finished growing.

I like it.

Probably needs more than just a flashlight - you want high intensity of the specific red and blue wavelengths for growing. Maybe also make a “grow light” that can be found in pot growing basements and gardening supply stores. Preferably some timing electronics if you don’t want to have to babysit it.

Also, electric polishers and carving knives should yield small or tiny electric motors if they don’t already. If tiny motors are added, this should use tiny.

i realy like this idea, i never farmed because i do not have dirt in my base

At some point someone is just going to go all out and build a mobile city fortress that is completely self-sustaining.

Only real issue with that would be that vehicles distort and misshape when they turn, so the walls would constantly be opening themselves diagonally. But it’s still a pretty sweet idea. A literal rolling fortress.

I very much want this as well. You can do everything with a vehicle except gather water, scoop up loot, and grow things.

As to the walls splitting when you turn… Easy to fix that, just make two-thick walls. Or three. Any rolling fortress should have heavy armor anyway.

I like the idea a lot!

Hydroponics bays require an absolutely hilarious amount of power and relative stability to function IRL. I just… don’t see this working out.

From a game balance perspective, it’s nice that there’s a few things that vehicles can’t do, IMHO.

This idea sounds awesome. If hydroponics are considered to advanced for a survivor, then at the very least we should have some potted plants. I want my rolling fortress :).

It would be nice to have a “funnel” vehicle equivalent that collected rain water off of the roof to combine with this!

Not to mention if you wan’t to grow any significant amount of food you need a lot of space (IRL, ingame you need 1 tile at the moment). Driving fortressess (those over 40 tile things) are imo quite silly (though interesting to look at) things.

creating big vehicles is possible, germans started construction of P-1000 ratte just never finished because it was expensive and had some weakens (air and artillery attacks) and in mines you can see great haul trucks only wierd thing in driving fortressess is that they only need 2 small wheels to work

Ratte as far as I know was never built, only planned and plans were abandoned, never finished. Biggest thing built was Maus I think? And even those weren’t completely assembled. What kind of surivor would be able to scrap together Maus or Ratte? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ratte as far as I know was never built, only planned and plans were abandoned, never finished. Biggest thing built was Maus I think? And even those weren’t completely assembled. What kind of surivor would be able to scrap together Maus or Ratte? :P[/quote]
pl wikipedia say “Building of thank started. Never finished.” probaly because that big tank is nearly useless because of rivers, artilery and air forces after some of my searches i found information that only cannon and tower was constructed before end of project

for survivor what have tons of steel and nothing to do with it creating something like maus should be doable

I read some articles on this, mainly Wikipedia and I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t vehicle mount hydroponics. You would have to make some changes based on the fact that the vehicle would be moving (mainly some way to help secure the plants) but this is far from impossible. As for taking a ridiculous amount of power I don’t really think so. A large full spectrum light would be enough. While this bulb would probably take a good amount of power the fact that we can weld using the current electrical systems says there should be more then enough power. Would the setup be vulnerable to damage? Yes. It’d be vulnerable like solar panels are. Sudden jolts might damage the system. I think the biggest issue you’d run across is if the vehicle went out of the reality bubble time would stop for it. I’d say damage to the Hydroponic bay and the power going out should reverse growth of current plants growing in it. Simplest way to code it.
You tell me it’s impossible. I tell you I bet you someone would find a way.
Also, one of the good points of hydroponics is being able to have a lot of plants in a little bit of space. We already have liquid fertilizer we could use to act as fuel for it. Liquid fertilizer, a electric pump, a bunch of glass and plastic. Filler material can be a lot of things. Including small clay balls.
Good to go!

Oh and BTW… HEH. RL Example:
I’m totally on a watch list for searching for this!