Hum... I said we should make a hydroponics stuff can install on vehicle

I been travel with the vehicle on game for long time, and now I have learn how to use a wood and acid water to craft a suger, and take salt water on the swamp

Then I realize, there is something missing… something I can keep the travel, and make food for myself, for now, I have noticed that we don’t really have a way to create greens on vehicle for ourselves

anytime I check my cooking menu, always need some farm to collect some greenstuff, but I wasn’t really a patient man, I already make 91 days on each season, it gonna wait much more time till summer coming, and I can’t just stay there getting starvation ya know

So, I was thinking, if we make a hydroponics stuff on the vehicle, use the vehicle’s water and power, to make a little greenhouse and let those seeds growing, and harvest a food in a more scientific way, any one agree?

I just love a technology, always getting us surprised, instead of getting killed by those crazy failure company robots and drones, I said we should make a science on a good side, to keep us aways from disease, starvation and infection.

I would kill for onboard hydro-/aquaponics (irl, aquaponics uses little living fish to fertilize stuff).

All those underground weed farms you find in-game would, if we’re being realistic, have a lot of that gear there anyway.

For the aquaponies we might need some way of catching fish alive and having them as a crafting requirement. (Think you can make it a closed-circuit one so the only input it needs is fishfood.)

But definitely an interesting idea, although all it would really do, imo, is create a mobile farm field; there’s still a limit to how fast a plant can germinate, grow, and produce food, after all.

So, we’d better start crafting an even bigger dethmobile then.

Sounds rather high-tech for something you could install on a vehicle.

rather easy: you find an existing hydroponics installation and adapt it (to an extent) to fit on a vehicle, losing efficiency in the progress.

rather hard though:
We need to put a hydroponics facility (could be a lab level maybe?) on the map. Is it probable to encounter such facilities in New England?
Also we need to decide how exactly hydroponics would work and how it could be adapted for vehicles.
Then we’d have to make it really expensive (battery power drain, lights drawing monsters, whatever needed for regulated environment), while keeping it fun to do…

I do like the idea :slight_smile:

That pretty much covers my thoughts on the situation. The hydroponics part should be something that is recovered from a structure somewhere and modified (not able to be built by scratch from the player, even though someone will inevitably PR something that does let you build it from scratch), and it should be fairly fragile. The big thing is making it consume battery and water at a high enough rate to make it a serious endeavor, and feeding it nutrient solution regularly.

from hemp plantations in basements we should be able to scavenge a lot of makeshift hydroponics what are not too effective

Growing crops is much more work than just throwing light, fertilizer and water at it. You would need CONSTANT power supply to them or plants could easily die or go hibernate mode due to cold if you lose power. I highly doupt that normal car batteries would be enough, but nuclear ones sure why not.

Another bigger problem in cars is space. How are you going to cram enough hydroponics to produce any substantial amount of food? A lot of hydroponic installations are quite big installations to control humidity, temperature and light.

Also, what do you think happens when you have hydroponic in car and ram it to anything at high speed? It will be bye bye for plants and water (for fishes this would be same as fishes would get rammed into aquarium’s glass walls and most likey die). Basically you would want stationary or very slow vehicle which kind of deafeats purpose of having hydroponics on vehicle.

Not much has been said about the space required. It’s 1 square to one crop… Would this be worthwhile in an unbuildable singe hydroponics unit? Would it be exploitative to have more crops per hydro bay? Would it be useful as 1:1? While I don’t disagree with the idea of these, the balancing I think will be difficult.

We just need to make it appear first…