How does the new time system work?

I am confuse.

You need a wrist watch to accurately tell time, and you can find those in electronic stores. Not sure about the time thingy when you do not have a watch though. Sun movements

It’s like if you are stuck in the wilderness without a time piece. You cant really tell time to the exact minute, but you can see that the sun is high in the sky, and so you can estimate that is about noon or whatever you think it is. And as you are watching the sun go down you can estimate that it is dusk/twilight/etc.

In order to get an exact reading of what time it is, down to the minute, you must have a time piece (we only have watches). If you can wind one just “W” wear it. It will be placed on your arm, and make sure that you can always tell the exact minute.

It’s fairly simple to tell time without a timepiece.

Place your index finger below the sun and add your other three. One of your fingers adds up to 15 minutes if you hold your arm out in front of you. Don’t use your thumb and count the number of fingers, that’s how many hours of daylight is left.

The sun always rises in the east and sets in the west, so you can very accurately determine north and south this way.

The sun doesn’t always rise dead west and east. Over the course of the year, the tilting of the planet means the sun will begin rising further north and south culminating in the extremes as summer and winter set in.

Does the finger counting method also take this into account?


Basically it’s just a methods for telling how much sunlight ya got.

This is how it works:

[quote=“OzoneH3, post:7, topic:2267”]This is how it works:


Wow, this is cool!

Can I wear a watch with power armour? I finally found a full set…

Probably not right now. Power armor is notorious for not sharing with others.

That said, once the slotless goes in for watches (currently, they take a layer) they might fit.

I’d imagine the PA helmets ought to have a time readout somewhere. Military stuff tends to make use of specific time references.

Power Armor helmets should totally have a time read out. So should radios, and mp3 players. There should also be a bionic and a trait for time keeping.

A trait seems unlikely, can anybody tell the time to the minute? Even without looking at a watch for days?
Radios and MP3s. Hmm. Maybe, but I dont know where it would appear, with a watch it is on the UI when worn, you cant wear a radio/MP3.
Bionic, probably not. It’s just that I dont think that pre-cataclysm scientists would create a watch bionic when they could have just bought a watch.

Power helmets should totally have a time readout, like this, only with time and not all that fancy other stuff.

With all these bionics around, I’d imagine there’s some cheapo option that gets installed in a lot of people that gives them the basics, like time, location, and perhaps a basic readout of one’s health. Maybe it should be a choice at the character creation screen.


There is already a basic readout of one’s health, and if you want exact numbers you can use the self-aware trait.
As for location, you already have a map, and you can always pinpoint yourself on it, why have a bionic for that?
And for time, probably not, same reason as before.

There is already a basic readout of one’s health, and if you want exact numbers you can use the self-aware trait.[/quote]

Or you can get the bionic.

As for location, you already have a map, and you can always pinpoint yourself on it, why have a bionic for that?

A wider map might be a good reference. I imagine the satellites must still be functional.

And for time, probably not, same reason as before.

Yes it does duplicate some features in the game, but you have to keep in mind that they’re all bundled up and likely won’t cost as much as all of the others taken separately, and it gives you a definite advantage in the beginning.

But with satillite photograph (assuming it is functional) you will lose the sense of exploration, adventuring and discovery. It is like when a dungeon is already revealed, you will know what to expect, so it is not as fun.

But how far in the beginning? It takes a while in order to train yourself to put bionics in yourself, and starting off with android trait does not garentee having this bionic.

Edit: As for the self aware bionic. Hmm, maybe. Lets let the rest of the forums decied.

The way it was coded, we can go through and add the time feature to worn items and in-inventory items very easily. I totally buy adding it to the power armor helmet, and it’d be another use for a cellphone. I’m on the fence about adding it to radios, some have it, some don’t. Future versions won’t show the day/night cycle if you’re underground or out of sight of the sky (middle of a large building).

I could see making it into an occasional radio broadcast though. Something along the lines of “It’s 10:05 and this is Radio Bear, giving you your daily messages!”

Re map-data: I rather like the surface-map d/l in Labs. Sure, I lose “the sense of exploration” in terms of map revelation/rerollability…
now I can plan operations. Rather than sweeping through an area with binoculars and wondering when the sun’s gonna set (thus stopping my ability to map), I can look at the map and think “OK, there’s a milsurp here, a pawnshop there, looks like that might be a Mansion, and Jackpot! sewage treatment off to the side. Will have to route around the apartment building and office towers, so that’ll take another hour at least.”

I find that a bit more rewarding, personally. SIGINT doesn’t tell you what’s in the building. It only tells you what the building is.

Re radios: I’ve never picked up any broadcasts, whatever. Is that something I’d need a Directional Antenna for, and if so, what skill levels would I need?

[Just got Mechanics to 11 whilst fixing a Semi, so the picklock kit is actually reliable again. 6-7, it takes about 20-15 tries. X-| ]