That moment

Greetings forum dwellers,

The purpose of this thread is to share some crazy, strange, funny, epic, etc. moments in the game which you feel defines Cataclysm. The rule is it must be in the form: “That moment…”

Here are a few examples:

That moment when both your kneecaps are destroyed from a random landmine and you stumble into a forest only to be surrounded by giant man-eating spiders and you take out a cigarette, light it, take a long pull, feel the nicotine rush, and then light the goddamn forest on fire. Suck it, Smokey.

That moment when you hear noise in another room, know that its probably trouble, know that you probably can’t handle it, know that you need to get out now, but open the door anyway.

That moment when you finally create the perfect set of armor, fitted and reinforced to perfection, virtually unbreakable, painstakingly made over a period of months, and you find out there was a set of power armor just south of your initial location.

That moment when you find out about mininukes

And so on…

That moment when you fire a grenade from your grenade launcher at a zombie and realize you were one square too close.

That moment when you feel as if your unstoppable and then a child zombie runs up and murders you.

That moment when you realize your in the middle of a minefield and zombies are right behind you.

That moment when you’re running from a horde of zombies, they’re right on your tail, and you throw a molotov backwards… Only to find out that you throw molotovs in a straight line rather than an arc and immolate yourself.

that moment when you get a item from a NPC that you shouldn’t have, like a NONE or a mini nuke (active)

That moment when you are well equipped and almost nothing can stop you until you fall into a sinkhole.

That moment when you THINK you’re well equipped and then get wrecked by mi-gos.

That moment where you light one stick of dynamite and unknowingly throw an entirely different, unlit stick at the zombies.

That moment when you realize what you just did five seconds too late.

That moment when you’re driving along the highway at 350MPH and hit a landmine, causing your entire vehicle to catch on fire, but you survive another 10 map tiles before you crash into a gas station and go up in a giant explosion.

That moment when you get up in the morning and open your front door, only for a zombear to step into the doorway and rip your arm off.

That moment where you first use a mininuke, and realize your weak character can barely throw it anywhere, and you fail to outrun the explosion.

That moment when you wake up with horde behind door of your base and kill em all

That moment when you find out you can close curtains on windows.

That moment when you find a gun on a group of soldiers and realize that there’s some ammo for it on the next dead guy.

That moment when you fight
zombie hordes, slay shogoths, and build doom machines, only to gently clip a car on the side of the road at 19 miles per hour and explode 10 times

that moment wen you put 20 turns on a C4 and you dint pres the 0 key well and you accidentaly place 2 and kills you self in a military bunker

That moment when you finally get a car and accidently crash it into a school full of zombie children

that moment your outside and far from a shelter and acid rain starts to fall

That moment when you don’t realize you armed that Granade in your inventory.



That moment when you hear creepy voices in the lab and then zombies shoot you with beams out their mouth

That moment when you find The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

That one moment when you realized that APC’s are practiclly a driving explosion.

The moment you find that humvees have a HMG on top.

And the moment you find that minireactors as an energy source are AWESOME.

That moment when your training your unarmed skill crushing a towns worth of zombies successfully only to realize you had a can of cola wielded