Help with horses

Hi, I found horses in a farm. They don’t attack me but they run away, luckily these two where inside the house.

Is there a way to domesticate them, like you do with dogs?

I didn’t knew that there were horses. Try to give them seeds or something. Still, i think there is not a way to domesticate animals, like to be able to ride them. I think oyu can domesticate cats and dogs with their respective foods, but horses…

Is there a “feed” command? Because oatmeal’s description says: “…It also doubles as food for horses while dry.”

you could try and 'a’pply it when adjancent to it, but I doubt you can tame it or use or anything other than kill it to make "ham"burgers.

It would be pretty cool to be able to ride horses. One man and his horse, clip clopping through the apocalypse. The lonely rider.

Straightforward enough to let people feed oats to horses.

Problem is, I’m not at all sure what to do then.

Wait, you can domesticate dogs? Do they fight for you after feeding them? What do you feed them?

You activate dog food while near a wild dog.

EDIT: And they do fight for you.

It would be nice if proper farming was implemented. Milk cows, feed chickens, leash dogs so they don’t run off. Also grow pet triffids with plant mutagen.


My solar horse eats no oats, yet tramples anything that stands on his path. I call him Daylite, but his in-game name is Cycle. Motor Cycle.

On-topic – I don’t think “feeding” livestock is necessary, considering that the game should render a new set of monsters every time you reappear on the “farm”. It’s more of how many followers you can have, and why’s that good actually. Can you order them to the trunk of your flatbed? Sustenance and hack&slash are the least of the issues here.

You should be allowed to feed them bird mutagen, and travel the countryside on a chariot driven by winged horses.

With an equal chance of being pecked to death by a Beak Horse.

if they are treated as companions they should head for any empty seats in your car.

Maybe you could have a ‘dog cage’ item for long vehicle journeys. Stash it in your car, then open it and it spawns your friendly dog at your destination.

That would probably make a few bugs, and be harder to do than just have them get in like you do.

Not really. The game could just despawn the dog at one point, and spawn an identical dog at another point, which I think has been mentioned to be fairly simple. By contrast, putting dogs in a moving vehicle might be hard, I think. I don’t think the vehicle system can handle more than one character per vehicle yet. Of course, if it can, I’m fine with either if the end result is moving the dog around.

It can, I think all we need to do is adjust the dog AI to get in the seat and stay there until the vehicle stops moving. It works for NPCs anyway.

Yah, and despawning/respawning-identical-thing-at-later-date can result in some interesting duplications, I am not all for that.

I think rolling around in a solar powered death-tank with your trusty pet horse in the passenger seat would sum this game up perfectly. Also, riding around on said horse would be pretty cool, although Z levels should come first imo.