Well, now we got saddles, and there are horses at farms… soooo what am i missing here, no where on the forums does anyone mention being able to ride their trusty steed, nor do i see anything in the wiki
also the saddle in the wiki calls it a weapon and says nothing of taming and riding horses… i really wanna ride my house, store my gun lever action rifle in a leather holster on my horse, a large canteen and a large sized pack , this seems like it would be simple enough.

I don’t think it’s a horse saddle.
More like this:
Then this:

Damn. dreams of being a deformed robot cowboy are crushed

Yeah, those are bike saddles, not horse saddles. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can still use it on horses.
First, you take a powered welder…

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Well crap, grew up around horses, not bikes, i always thought it was called a “Seat” … damn it, a horse would be so nice cause you wouldnt have to tip to around bushes and shrubs, be similar to a vehicle only easier to move in the woods and such.

Dont worry xD its a seat to me too…And a saddle i think of a horse saddle.

[me=AerialK7]takes a long hard think about life as he knows it[/me]

Just so you know (And I know this is an old thread) I found a horse and tamed it using the cattle feed that was lying around in the barn. There were 3 riding saddles nearby, (Those are NOT the same as normal saddles, which are a vehicle part) and using that I can now mount my horse. The only problems I have now is how to get both this horse and my super electric car home, and figuring out where my horse sometimes glitches to when I dismount it (It can go through walls and I’ve seen it go as far as 25 tiles instantly.)

EDIT: Typed “not” instead of “now”

  1. Livestock carrier is the answer. Slap it onto your car, stand next to it with a horse standing next to you (you have to dismount, obviously), activat’e’ the carrier, use arrow keys to put the horse into it - note that you need to point in the direction the horse is relative to you, not the carrier. Added bonus: this thing can carry whopping 200 liters of stuff regardless if there’s an animal in it or no.
  2. Somewhere else in here I read the teleporting mounts issue was fixed in experimental builds. You may consider updating from 0.D.

First, thanks for the tip on the livestock carrier. That’ll work great once I actually have mechanics and fabrications skills! I called it a super electric car because I’ve never found an undamaged, full-battery solar car before. It’s not a gun-toting armored deathmobile, though I can say that it really helped jump-start my character.

And second, I’m on an experimental version. I got it sometime in late summer. It’s 0.D-5855, so I don’t know exactly how old it is. I wanna get the newest version, but if I do that (And I know from sad experience) my world + character will get overwritten, and I haven’t figured out how to stop that from happening yet.

It shouldn’t actually do that, have you looked through your launcher options? Regardless, copy your save to somewhere outside your CDDA folder, copy it back in after you update. This will prevent it being over written and if the update bugs your save you can revent and use the copy again to get your save back just as it was.