Help with horses

Yah, I want my tanks.

As tanks normally have there guns up a bit, and not at ground level.

I was just referring to a reinforced, solar powered metal box with a massive dozer of spiked plating on the front, but that works too.

Why not just cut out the middleman?

Oh look, it’s a pony unicorn.

so can anybody tell me how to mount a horse? I can`t figure this out for some time

You 'e’xamine the horse after taming it and it brings up a menu that shows you options such as equipping armor, adding a saddle, mounting and a few other things. After you’re done riding press ^ to dismount. Took me a while to figure out dismounting so figure I’d share that as well, just in case.

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Thanks for the quick reply, but it leads me to another question:
How to tame animals?
Ive been playing for quite a while, but theres so much in the game xD

You must (a)ctivate the food needed to tame the animal:

dogfood = Dogs
catfood = Cats
cattle fodder = Horses and other farm animals

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Thank you very much!