How do i tame a horse

How does one tame a horse for riding.

Just as you do with cats? Feed them some appropriate food?

I have never tamed an animal before. I’m not sure of what to do.

Well, try using the appropriate food item on them. This is the way it worked before, bird food to birds, cat food to cats, dog food to dogs, cattle fodder to cattle.

Do I activate the food next to the animal?

I’m not sure, you either feed them food directly, or put it down till they find it and eat it.

Try to activate food (e.g. cattle fodder) while standing next to a horse and specify direction to horse (e.g. which one do you want to feed, if there are more than one animal next to you)

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Thank you Hon will do.

I found a horse on a farm. To tame it, I used a cattle fodder on its space. I was prompted “Place cattle fodder here?” and when I said yes the horse was tamed. You can examine it to see the action menu. make sure to tie it up with rope or it will randomly move around very fast.

One glitch is that when I dismount it (There was a riding saddle nearby that I had to equip first) it can teleport 15+ tiles if its not in a corner.

That glitch should be fixed in the experimentals. If you’re not playing 0.D, a new issue may need to be opened.

Yep, this has been fixed for a while in latest experimentals.

I don’t think that’s correct. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m on a fairly late experimental version (I don’t want to upgrade till this character dies so I don’t lose my progress). I also can’t find any non-0.D experimental versions in reply to Mantar above. My version (In case it helps) is 0.D-5855-ge8063b8. Latest version I can find is at this link: and that version is 0.D-9958. That’s a big gap, but since there have been 40 new ones since November 20th, it’s really not that much. I think I got this one sometime in summer.

If the answer is “Just upgrade” then great, but how do I keep my world and character?

make a save backup, update, try loading your world/character, see if it works?

Upgrade to latest experimental, do as Gigglegrass says, backup your config and save folders, copy them across to new downloaded cataclysm.

Itll loads fine most likely. Save compatibility is 99% ok.