Horses as mounts? It it already a thing; because it seems obvious?

This is both a question and a suggestion depending on whether it already exists or not, but can you ride horses yet? I see them every now and then on farms and ranches, but it seems like all they are good for atm is butchering.

I’m thinking that when not riding the horse, you could have it follow you by 'A’pplying a long rope to the horse. you could tie the rope off to trees, fences, etc. or you could actually RIDE the horse as a transportation method that requires no fuel. you could even make armor and saddle bags for the horse in the oblivion/skyrim style.

I like the idea of having to keep your horse alive, you know? mobs don’t tend to actively screw with a bike, or a car unless it happens to be between point A(zombie) and point B(soon-to-be-zombie). but a horse… a horse would be like a beacon to nearby Zeds, so you would NEED to keep it protected, and bandaged, and first-aided, and inti-biotic’ed.

You would need to feed and water it

Not yet a thing last I checked, but I would love this. The sooner my man-at-arms can ride into battle, the better.

Not in right now due to basically one big thing (and maybe a few other little things), the fact that right now the game assumes that there should only be 1 creature per tile.

Ah yes, more things to borrow from Dwarf Fortress: the Tile of A Thousand Crouching Dragons (and One Standing Dragon).

More like “1000 lying dragons… and one standing kitten”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then hopefully hulks can SMASH horses out from under the rider, and clobber said rider before the mount lands? o3o

omg horse drawn things… I want a wheel barrel pulled with 15 horses

Do a barrel roll?

Goddamn it fox

I can’t let you reference these old memes, Star Fox! o3o

Would’ve suggest Lady Snowblood but oh well <(")

Can’t wait however for my spike-plated, machinegun-mounted…pony.

Never underestimate horse-drawn artillery. X3

Would’ve suggest Lady Snowblood but oh well <(")

Can’t wait however for my spike-plated, machinegun-mounted…pony.[/quote]
Nonono, in the initial release you won’t be able to fight while mounted, and the armour comes in a seperate DLC.

Damn it! This Isn’t DLC Quest!

Boo, so edible vehicles isn’t a thing yet.


Just Don’t Make A Bond With The Horse (Or Any Other Animal That Is Pulling Your Sled).

It’d be like making a bond with your NPCs. Or your jerky. Or your catgirl mutants. 3:

Meh? Someone said catgirl? O.o

Don’t get too excited: DDA catgirls are likely to get the Ugly, Smelly, Saber Teeth, Culler/Hunter/Predator, Deformed (!), Snout and Snarling Voice mutations.