Animals - taming and usefulness- questions

  1. How tame animals? (I guess that it is different in most races)
  2. What am I need to tame animals? (I only found that I need dog food to tame dogs but I can’t ‘activate’ it).
  3. Which animals are the most useful? (or which race is the most useful from given race)
  4. Can I transport large animals? (I found a mention about vehicle part to transport them)
  5. Do animals need to eat sth to live?
  1. Stand beside them with the appropiate food and active it on them.
  2. You can ride horses and hitch them to wagons, cows too from what I’ve read, dogs can fight (but they aren’t killing machines) and dogs and cats can be played with for a morale boost. Birds will lay eggs (they do that anyway but they won’t runaway if tame).
  3. Depends, horses are pretty good for getting around.
  4. Yes, their is a livestock carrier you can make.
  5. No.
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Horse is faster than normal zombie even at normal gait. And they don’t seem to have stamina bar which means they can be constantly galloping.

However when you ride a horse, it cannot go through door or up/downstairs, and cannot jump over fence.

When you dismount sometimes the horse can blink to several tiles away which can be very dangerous if you are among Z’s and the horse abandons you and runs away.

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That teleporting horse no longer happens
Turns out the horse was storing up its moves while being ridden, bt not using them, and when you dismounted, it finally used up all its stored moves at once.

Ive fixed this in latest experimental.

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Thanks dpwb! That’s great improvement.

One more question - how breed them?

Just wait. Animals breed automatically given enough time but there’s nothing you can do to influence it.

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