Hazardous waste sarcophagus

I just have a few questions about the hazardous waste place and these are-
Wheres the access code for the elevator.
Does 10 enviromental protection on everything protect you from Radiation like full power armor?
and is doing function 9 dangerous on the computer :smiley:

And please make sure to put a spoiler block on the things that you have that you know about the place so people don’t just wind up reading it that don’t want spoilers.

Since you asked to keep the aerodynamics down:

It’s part of an NPC mission tree, I believe.

Only Hazmat suit and power armor protect you from radiation, and even then it’s not total immunity.

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Curses! There goes all of my forum cred. :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, catacurses you, Kevin! :stuck_out_tongue:

any idea how to complete the mission?

Holy thread necro Batman! You did see this was from 5 years ago right? Also KA hasn’t been around in a few years due to some drama a while back on the old forums. I don’t tend to ever complete NPC quests but the ones I have you just do what the NPC tells you, it’s pretty strait forward. If it doesn’t then I’d hazard a guess that it wasn’t ever fully implemented or broke somehow through the years.

Looks like we have a post necromancer here…