"Elemental Damage"

I was wondering how the different damage types work:

Is there something like acid damge/shock damage or are all of those just different sources of regular damage? Like standing in a pool of acid is like burning without the heat? What protects from each damage type?
So many questions…

Yeah. The only non-standard source that I can think of would be the permanent base HP damage from raging fires, or possibly radioactivity.
Environmental protection protects against disease and radioactivity right? Not sure if it helps with fire though-- although filter masks are enough to protect against smoke.
Shockers can paralyze you with their special, but I’m not sure if environmental protection helps there.
Would be nice though, if stuff like rubber gloves and lab coats had increased resistances to stuff like acid and electricity. o0

Environmental protection protects against diseases and several other types of damage, but not against radiation. There are only 2 things that protect against radiation AFAIK, radiation suits and power armor.

Heavy Power Armor, I think. A full set of Basic Power Armor still gets me irradiated in time.

Currently in the experimental (and the soon to be released version .8) power armor with a helmet completely protects from radiation, power armor without a helmet or hazmat suits partially protect from radiation, and nothing else does.

I miss acid rain being able to kill you actually. I enjoyed the tension of possibly being melted away in the acid rain. Infact, some of my best encounters involve being 2 points away from death and dismemberment after having to motocycle through a city, a swamp and over a bridge full of insects and zombies to an LMOE shelter.