I’ve been away from the game for a long time, and now that I’ve come back, I noticed that glass items, particularly glass jars, are actually useful now. I wouldn’t expect glassblowing to be easy, especially if you’re using fused silica as a base, but being able to craft glass items eventually would be nice, I think. Crush scrap metal to acquire aluminium oxide? Admittedly I haven’t tried Blacksmithing in the latest version yet, but does it still require dredging for bog iron? Perhaps use that mechanic for acquiring sand? I’m honestly not sure on the coding side of things, but I do know I’d like to make more jars for storing food, since they seem less common in labs now.

The blacksmithing is “scavenged blacksmithing”, where your raw materials are mostly scrap.

I’m not that familliar with the details of glassblowing, how viable is crushing and re-blowing existing glass vessels? I’d think that would be the main source of sillica.

That could work, yes. I was just having major issues with the lack of glassware to can my veggies in, since apparently around 90% of the containers found in labs are plastic bottles. Honestly, it’s a lab. There should be more byzantine glassware for me to crush and smelt into nice shiny jars. Although, a more energy costly variant involving pulling up sand from river banks would be pretty cool, all the same, what with the added risk of river mobs.

Edit: broken glass for us to shovel up/cut our feet on?

what bout a trap called broken glass
then recipies requiring X amount of broken glass, a pipe, fire mitts and a nearby fire.

glass bottles
glass jars
glass pipes
glass lenses
maybe some sheet metal to make sheets of glass