Can't find crucible recipie

I’ve searched h:yes and h:no in the crafting menu but those just show everything. The only cruicible recipie that shows is the clay one, but since I haven’t found a river, that isn’t an option.

You can dig a pit to get clay.
The metal crucible was made ito a different material (graphene?) one, and the recipe was removed.
A steel/iron crucible wouldn’t be usable for molten steel.


Clay seems to be everywhere these days. I find big deposits of it in forests.

Another instance of realism helping out. Apparently it’s extremely common in real life. Though I’m not a geologist so my sources aren’t 100% reliable

Clay is quite easy to find in most places IRL. But I’m not sure the common stuff is very high grade.

Finding the “right” clay in most biomes doesn’t feel all that unreasonable.

The most questionable part in all of it is that the player character can actually recognize which clay would be the “right one” with no prior training or even a book.
But player characters all being natural-born macgyvers is basically the bedrock of gameplay.


True. Though a few of the recipes call for wood ash or oil/tallow, indicating the survivor is also glazing these items in particular. That implies some understanding of what clay would be at least acceptable quality.