Idea for learning json: glass products

I saw a post somewhere about how all of these “here’s an idea” posts are kind of useless since contributors tend to have their own ideas, and it occurs to me once again that I have the time and energy to consider contributing myself.

So, here’s my first idea for a project. Let me know how feasible this is, and help me flesh it out to the point where it plugs in properly and is fully formed.

The idea: there’s way too little stuff you can craft out of glass shards. What are some things that you could make out of glass shards?

  1. Glass “caltrop” traps. A bunch of glass shards tied or glued together into spiky stuff that breaks easily but still does a bit of damage. Low level, easy to craft, and therefore a productive way to grind your trapping skill.

  2. Jars, flasks, etc. Melting down glass shards and forming them into new shapes. Maybe could use sand to make green glass versions of these.

  3. Maybe grenade-like objects?

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I don’t know if suggestions are ‘useless’, but I get what you’re saying.

Anyway, I’d love to see some glass products added to game. Making your own jars probably wouldn’t come up super often, but it’d be neat.

Would glass work as shrapnel for homemade grenades/explosives? Or would it just disintegrate from heat/force? You never really hear about glass bombs, always nails or whatever.

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You need to find “The Art of Glassblowing”. Best of luck with that; it seems to be a very rare book. Out of the several games I’ve played, I have found it perhaps twice.

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I have played many games of Cataclysm and I had no idea that existed.

I’ve never seen any of these recipes show up in game, and I’ve certainly never seen that book.

Like I said: very rare. I was psyched the first time I found it, because it meant my canning game could go nuclear. Then I died.

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I know this is random, but I actually made glass caltrops as a mod for my own use. I can share it if you want.

I assume any glass in grenades would turn into fine, harmless dust upon explosion.

Edit: I know that glass dust is harmful, but what I meant was REALLY fine dust, and also spread over a large area, so it’s not concentrated. Crushing glass with a hammer and obliterating it with explosives are different things.

I certainly wouldn’t call glass dust “harmless”. Neither would shinobi.

I suppose glass would work as a container for an explosive? Like, maybe the shrapnel would turn to harmless junk, but if you used a glass jar for a nailbomb? It would be a way to work glass products into more recipes, thereby making them more relevant, while still remaining in the bounds of reality.

Or would a glass jar not even work? I genuinely don’t know anything about explosives. I think in the one Saw movie the nail bombs were in big glass containers

It would work well enough for a cheap shrapnel bomb, but for more high-intensity explosives you really want a steel container.

Not high-intensity explosives, but maybe it could work for molotovs (which are apparently in the game though I’ve never seen them), smoke bombs etc.

Glass is one of the worst things to use for anything explosive. The only way you would get it to be useful in game terms would be to either make it so thick and heavy as to not be viable to carry or throw or to use pressure which also would require a crazy thick and heavy shell also.

Since we can already throw acid, there isn’t much to do with glass. It breaks too easy and melts with explosives.

Could make a shank with a rag wrapped around it for a 1 off stabby thing.

Can’t be much use as caltrops though either. Unless you step on a broken bottle bottom pointing straight up. Chances are slim to have flat glass do much.

Crafting crap seems the most likely. But besides jugs and art. Average run of the mill glass is pretty much used in bottles and windows.:man_shrugging:

Right. Just like flat metal wouldn’t do anything. That’s why caltrops aren’t flat. They’re pointy. And broken glass is sharp.

They wouldn’t do much against a booted enemy, but animals and some of the undead like crawling zombies would be affected.

You do remember that zombies get hit in the face with a baseball bat and just chill right? lol

I mean. Yeah, in real life it would still do damage. Perhaps even in game. But…I would have to question the logic of a creature being able to take a baseball bat to the face and compare that to a random shank of glass. I know I mention a rag wrapped around a shank of glass. But that was meant as a stabbing aggressive attack. Not a casual slither over it.

Already in, the “glass shiv.”

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Glass shard bombs? Pretty similar to nail bombs, but atleast it’s an alternated weapon.

I think he meant putting glass into an arrangement that makes it stand up. You could break a glass bottle so that it is like an open cylinder, and leave it on the ground. Something stepping on it would get cut by the broken edges. Or you could break the glass into pieces and put it into a ball of glue for a slightly sharper than normal rock. Wrapping a rag around a piece of glass isn’t the only thing you can do with it.

Add sand. Melts. Turns into glass shards. Already in game.

Really can’t think of anything even though I usually can come up with a lot. Glass is useful and all but not common in terms of what more one can do with it.