Getting thirsty/hungry far too quickly?

In the latest experimental build, for whatever reason, it seems my character goes from Slaked to Thirsty in only a couple of hours, which seems… Far faster than it was in previous versions. A similar situation for hunger, but not as severe… The only real abnormality on my character is an Itchy Metal Thing, so.

Getting thirsty in a couple of hours is actually a pretty common thing; and it depends on how ‘Slaked’ you really were. You may have drunk something which made it so you were only Slaked for mere minutes, making the actual process of getting thirsty look much faster if you get what I mean.

If I’m wrong in the suspicion that there has actually been a change in the thirst/hunger system then all I can say is that cataclysm is getting harder by the update. HARD IS FUN! YAY!

Even if I drink water until the game says I can’t, it still seems to happen.

Itchy metal thing?

Does itchy metal thing affect hunger and thirst? Is this intentional? If so, what is the reasoning behind it?

Well, even after removing the Itchy Metal Thing (failed bionic, causes itching now and again), I still get this, so…