Hunger/thirst system

So after innumerable game re-starts over many months of time, I have FINALLY began living more than a day or two. But over the last few months it seems like the hunger/thirst system changed.
I cant seem to figure it out. My guy is overweight it says. But just a minute ago it said I was very thirsty. So I drank some milk I had, and then a bottle of water. Not once did the “very thirsty” thing change. But as I drank, my HUNGER changed from very hungry to sated. Why is drinking taking away my hunger but not my thirst, and being that it does that, how can I possibly lose weight if I cant drink lol. Im on experimental btw.

The way I understand it, Hunger values projected by the UI are based on perceived fullness. If your stomach feels full, you won’t get hungry messages, regardless of whether it’s full of food or water. Water also reduces thirst, but that’s not as complicated. You might see your character go back and forth from Slaked to Turgid as time passes, but that has yet to present a problem in my experience.

Weight gain is based on the kilocalorie content of the food you’re eating. If you take in a lot of high-calorie foods over a short period of time, e.g., just straight eating tallow, or lard, it’s going to raise weight. If you live off just wild vegetables, you’ll probably lose weight because they only have (I think) 34 kcal a piece. If you want to maintain a healthy weight, you need to keep track of the character’s calorie consumption and ensure they don’t go over. I think it’s something within the range of 2000-3000 kcal per day, but someone else could probably tell you better. If you take in enough calories not to suffer malnutrition, but still get Hungry messages, drinking something might help.

Overall, I’ve found that “Hungry” isn’t as dire a condition as it used to be, so it’s really only once you hit “Very Hungry” that you actually need to eat something but, again, someone else could know more than me.

‘hunger’ is based on your stomach contents. Drinking puts something in your stomach which can reduce your hunger.

This is different from being overweight, that’s based on how many calories your body has stored.

It’s like real life – just because you’re hungry doesn’t mean you need to eat.

Ok thats cool. I wish there was a better UI way of showing how this all works. What a crazy game. I feel like a year from now I will still be learning it, cause its depth is way deep.

Something still doesnt seem right tho. I drank a carton of milk with 4 uses in it and a bottle of water with 2 uses. Drank all off them both. It changed my hunger which I now understand, but my thirst was “very thirsty” but that didnt budge. I mean shouldnt a half gallon of milk and half a quart of water affect my thirst somewhat? lol. I mean I just drank enough liquid to make me puke in real life, but in Cataclysm it didnt budge my thirst a bit.

Wait a bit, feedback isn’t instant (IRL or ingame).
That’s not helped by it taking no time to eat or drink in game.

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Hydration takes a little while to set in, from what I can tell. Which makes sense, considering that it takes time for your body to process the water intake it receives. A good saying goes “today’s hydration takes place yesterday”.

Thirst processes much faster than hunger. But yeah, just wait a second and it should kick in within an hour.