[BUG] Water decreases hunger doesn't decrease thirst

Loaded up a game I’ve had going with the latest version from 0.D-8804, and my hunger went away, to neutral (no hunger description).

Then I tried to satiate my already very high thirst, but instead my hunger filled to Full, and then stopped being full on the next drink, and after a few drinks was full again, etc., etc., but none of these drinks affected my thirst, which stayed very thirsty.

Guess until there’s some fix I can’t play this one, as I’ll die of thirst and hunger isn’t working quite right either, since it’s going from Full to neutral in ingame seconds.

From what I’ve gathered from earlier discussion on the matter, it seems like they’ve changed the food/water system, so that it takes a while for the food/water to actually take effect. So give it a few minutes and you should be good to go. Or more likely over-hydrated based on how much stuff you drank.

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Making it pretty obscure to know how close you are to full then, hrmmm. Also water making you full for hunger is new. I wish there was a better understanding of the affects of the various levels and such.

This thread just a little ways down the page actually breaks it down pretty good. But your stomach has a finite volume that includes water. Water gets processed much faster though.

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