'Firing holes' and glassless curtained windows

–This is something I might add to ROA myself, but I thought to mention some ideas I had. I think there is some sort of official name for this type of construction, but the ‘firing hole’ works kinda like a wall you can shoot through. There is a little hole inside the wall, which enemies wouldn’t realistically get through, nor be able to see you through. However, if standing directly adjacent to the wall, you can shoot through it, albeit with some sort of debuff to accuracy and sight.
–The next idea is a window pane that has curtains, but doesn’t have glass. Then, you could easily sneak through a window and close the curtains, so that enemies still wouldn’t be able to see you. Also, you are able to peek your gun out and shoot, however this doesn’t have the benefit of blocking hostiles from coming through. On the bright side, you don’t have a penalty (or at least a smaller one) when shooting out of this.
–In neither case do you ‘stand’ on top of the tile. You always need to be right next to either one to shoot out of them as well. Other wise they won’t work. I guess you could choose to shoot the construction itself for some reason tho…

Aren’t door curtains already in the game? How would the window be different?

–Wut? When was that a thing? I probably just looked straight past that. Well um, can you shoot out of door curtains when they are closed? Glassless curtained windows also, um, still slow down stuff when going through. Like a normal window does. So they would be different.

You can peek through furniture curtains, but not vehicle curtains. Someone could add a menu option to fire through them by combining some of the existing peek logic with the aim/fire weapon logic.

Adding the ability to peek through vehicle curtains would also be interesting.

The ability to shoot while peeking, whether through curtains or otherwise, would be pretty amazing.

I’ve never actually built one, just seen the Door Curtain in the construction menu.

I’ve been adding curtains to my APCs for a while - if monsters can’t see you, they’re less likely to come invade your space and try to kill you. Though NPCs will still try to steal your stuff =(

After you start adding curtains, you realize you want to be able to open and close your curtains from the driver’s seat instead of moving around an opening them manually. so you add a bunch of small electric motors as door motors. Then you realize that going through the vehicle control menu to close each curtain is incredibly tedious, so if you’re me - and I am - you write a pair of patches that let you open and close all curtains and doors at once.

Then you realize that activating your vehicle remote so you can close the curtains after you get out of the vehicle is still tedious, so you add an electronic control unit to the outside of your vehicle so you can just hit 3 buttons (^, D, whichever key close all is bound to) and secure your vehicle.

I don’t think shooting from the peek position is generally going to be an option, but peeking through windows and shooting someone seems like something that could be possible and doesn’t have the same balance issues.

I’d also like to be able throw grenades while peeking, because throwing grenades around a corner is something that people legitimately do. I may write some code for that.

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–That’s a good point about grenades. It would be logical to also be able to throw objects threw a window. I imagine more or less how it would work, is that you press the key to peek through the window, then press the key for either firing or throwing.
–I feel like a bow (while silent) would probably take a bigger debuff when shooting through, since they are wider and such.

If you’re shooting from a peeking position, it’s going to need to have a chance of you being spotted. It’s acceptable when you’re carefully looking around and derive no real benefit to doing it more than once, but if you’re spending time aiming and shooting (and of course doing it repeatedly), it should no longer occur with perfect stealth.

It’s called an “Embrasure,” if it’s part of an immobile fortification, and a “Firing Port” if it’s part of an APC.

I think I would be fine with shooting through curtains effectively opening the curtains when you fire. You can still snipe through curtains, because you get the chance to aim without monsters noticing, but after the first shot, monsters can see you and come visit.

In a building with several windows, it might be viable to snipe from a window (effectively opening it after firing), then close it and relocate to another window and snipe again. How useful that would be I’m not 100% certain, but it might be an interesting tactic.

Shooting from a corner peek shouldn’t be possible until the stealth/visibility system gets more robust.

Either you can see through the window to aim, and enemies on the other side have a chance to spot you, or you can’t see through the window to aim.

Either way, if you spend less than a turn aiming your target won’t have a chance to react.

This is through an ordinary window, if you take the trouble to build a blind, I could see that justifying no chance of being spotted.

That’s it! I knew there was a name for that, I jus couldn’t remember. That you for that! :grin:

Ever consider that shooting through a glass pane of any kid should allow a ricochet? This effect is even caught on camera in real life when snipers have missed due to a glass panel in front of the person they were aiming at.

Glass has a around 15% chance to ricochet. Any chance this could be coded?

I’m sure it’s not so simple as just having a 15% chance to ricochet any bullet. It would have a lot to do with the thickness and type of the glass, the size of the bullet and the angle of impact. Honestly, just leaving it as is is probably fine considering the pain in the ass all that would be to model.

I assumed that a survivor would crack open the window, slide his gun barrel under the open window, and leave the curtains mostly closed, with just enough open for him to see through.

Shooting through the glass is going to cause a miss, or at least greatly increase dispersion to the point that a miss is very likely. And C:DDA already has a dispersion stat that could be used to model this.

That works if the survivor is standing nest to an openable window, but not if they’re not.

It might be possible to do it with dispersion, but it might not. I’m not familiar enough with the bullet code to tell if that would be easy or not. My guess, probably not and it would involve having to technically re-fire the bullet if it hit a window and you wanted to increase it’s dispersion from there.

there is a some conditions in which bullet MAY ricochet from the glass… but not any bullet and not any bullet of gunpowder-powered guns.

Bullet upon reaching glass = + Dispersion = sound idea

I tend to give generic responses to percentages because it evokes thought. Glad it works if a bit inaccurate sometimes.