Arrow slits, Gunports and Machicolations!

So been planing on making a mod for a while, have prior experience modding Dwarf Fortress and Morrowind. Would anybody be interested in telling me EXACTLY how to mod cataclysm?

A mechanic I feel Cataclysm is severely lacking is the ability to fire through barricades. I know there are a couple, but they feel more hackneyed in than anything. A would like to add several vehicle and building parts that allow observation and defensive/suppressive fire.

  • A version of boarded windows that allows firing through at disadvantage of structural strength, and being seen, as well as limiting view. With a final version with a metal frame a closable port.
    -Vehicle versions of above.
    -Stone, wood, concrete, and metal walls with firing slits, still limits view.

Anyway help and suggestion are always appreciated.

You are able to create tiles that can be fired through without breaking that tile. You can fire through windows without breaking the glass (at least, I can on my custom-made window)

AFAIK, the issue lies with the restricting of vision. I believe the reason you can shoot through windows is that they have the “TRANSPARENT” flag. If you remove that, I believe it can no longer be fired through.

So currently, again, to the best of my knowledge, you cannot create a tile that both blocks sight and still allows rounds to be fired through it.

EDIT: I also plan to have a “let’s mod Cataclysm” youtube series, but that won’t be up until the end of January, and I’ve been learning as I go. If you have specific questions, there are a lot of helpful folks in the forum, just ask.


Ahh well, i swear their were effects I was getting narrowing my vision and/or range. I guess I will have to stay with leaving them weaker as a balance option.Thank you.