Hunting Blinds\hiding in bushes?

Blinds so it would be easier to hunt deer and turkey especially with bows. Maybe allow for a wait for viable target within range action? Allow hiding while in bushes? Once z-levels are good maybe a tree hunting stand? Just trying to think of ways to make hunting wildlife easier to do.

Yeah, that’d be nice, because as it is, hunting turkeys and such is super hard. My mega-modded .22 hunting rifle is practically useless for hunting turkeys in the game, because they immediately rush out of its range, and I basically have to run them over with my car and hope they’re sort of intact before I can get a turkey dinner going.
(I haven’t tried since the new gun rebalance that dropped the other day, though.)

There’s a feature where you can examine a window with closed blinds to “peek” through the window, we could do something similar for firing a gun through a small porthole or blind.

I’m imagining a hunting blind as being like the tent if you’ve interacted with that, just a 3x3 building with a single space in the middle and a door, and one or more firing ports. You hunker down in that and wait for a target to get close enough to take a shot. Heck, works for hunting zombie too to some extent.

Taking an action to hide in a bush seems reasonable too, and should be fairly simple to implement.

Cool thanks for the input guys :slight_smile: I’m glad that you liked it Kevin I’ve read a lot of your posts here and on github, I’m pleased you liked one of my ideas. And yes that was exactly my thought on the blind actually. It could even maybe be crafted from a tent with very little extra work. It could even still be useable as a tent I would think… Is there any sort of system for sneak attacks? I would think it would qualify as one if so producing extra damage on the first shot against an opponent that is yet unaware of you. I would think if it hadn’t it would be pretty easy to set a bonus specific to bush hiding and blind hiding. Actually on that though is there any stealth system in place at all? How do you calculate when an enemy notices you? It seems random at times.

That would be excellent. I recall a time when I was out in a field and saw a couple zombies, including a brute, chasing some small animal in my direction. (Animal empathy is a bit double edged – if I hadn’t taken it, the critter would have veered off to avoid me)

As it was I had to drop my cart and run like hell to get out of the way and hope they didn’t switch targets. If I could have dived into a bush and hid while they went by, that would have been fantastic.