[merged] More windows and and buildable skylights

MORE WINDOWS and buildable skylights!!

This has been merged into base game enjoy :slight_smile:


I need to fix something here but can’t remember needs C++


  • SKYLIGHTS Buildable in this mod
  • metal grate window
  • single pane window
  • double pane window
  • Triple pane window
  • Quadruple Pane window
  • Plastic windows
  • Reinforced windows for all window types
  • Tempered glass and window (with a recipe to make tempered glass sheet)
  • Rigid plastic sheet (for plastic windows)



I’m not quite getting the question here, so I have to ask a bit specific: Do you want to fix not being able to pass through it (as in: “I want to go through it but it’s not letting me; how do I do that?”) or do you want to fix it so you can’t go through it (as in “Stop being able to pass through it”)?
If it’s the later one, remove the “SMALL_PASSAGE” flag.

Also, there’s a typo in your source code: You call it “pain glass” instead of pane :relaxed:

hi thanks for the comment, sorry for not being pecific. i want to go through it but its not letting me, it works fine when you build curtains for them but its not working only with the window. i have fixed my type in the mod i just noticed it haha, and would you know if its posible to make a view distance for looking out a window? as id like to reduce it with bath room windows

hi thanks for the comment, sorry for not being specific. I want to go through it but it is not letting me, it works fine when you build curtains for them but it is not working only with the window. I have fixed my type-o in the mod I just noticed it haha, and would you know if it’s possible to make a view distance for looking out a window? as id like to reduce it with bathroom windows.

I would assume normal windows are double pane glass… Single pane are very rare except in historical houses.

yeah i know i thought about that but im gonna leave double pane in for the mean time, atleast till i add more types hmm i could just change double to single and change the values

Can you add in a window made out of wood that has a handle on it?

Say… a windoor?

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There wouldn’t really be any gameplay difference between single/double/triple window types.

Unless insulation system is added there is no point in adding insulated glasses.

there stronger as the pane increases thats a gameplay difference and I want more variety that’s my point

i can yeah but it will only be in name and if it’s entirely made out of wood it wouldnt be a window but give me more info and so i can picture what your thinking and it would look like a normal window until i think about making tiles for the mod

i am however going to make a hatch i hope will work the way im thinking

True for professionally built houses, but if I’m making a survival shack I’d probably make it single pane IRL due to having fewer materials. I think single pane would help for immersion & resource reasons.

ill add in single pane in a few hours well when my run dies lol

New homes may all be built with double pane windows, but I suspect many homes in New England aren’t new. Heck, I live in California and have seldom lived in homes that were built with double panes. And this end of the country is a whole lot newer than that end.

I live in Scotland, it’s not uncommon (but neither is it common) to see single pane, but the majority of buildings have double pane
plus if you look at office buildings bare in mind it’s usually a thick sheet or industrial even retail at least here you do (the pics are from different places not in scotland)
office building
even churchs
my daughters nursery has single pane windows (and is kept warm)

Well, I downloaded your mod and played around with it for a bit. I was able to pass through all of the windows - and that’s also a problem, since I was able to pass through them from the outside while they were closed, too.
Also, (o)pening a double pane glass window with a curtain from the inside will turn it into a double pane glass window (without curtains).
By the way, the movement cost of the windows are set to 50, which makes it faster to go through windows than to walk on the ground (100).

Is it intentional that you can’t open/close the curtains once you placed them (on all other windows except double pane)? And to be able to see through them anyway (again, all windows with curtain except double pane)? And the double pane window (with and without curtain) is the only type of window you can (try to) pry open…

Then about the bathroom windows (frosted glass): Sadly, I don’t think there’s a way to reduce or distort the vision through a terrain tile (other than blocking it completely) using the json file. You need to do this in the source code of the game or hack something together with lua (edit: lua support was dropped some time ago and I missed that change)…

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thank you for the feed back i made some changes when i fixed then i think ive got things in the wrong places i will look into this later, it is a WIP atm and every feed back is valued thank you again, i will change the movement cost to around 125-150 or look and find out what it is for a normal window, also have you tested them for braking them, i fixed the fact you couldnt pass through windows without courtains in .3 i think, im going to look at it just now but not testing anything ill test everything before making new content as id like to get this right, then ill be adding single pane and hatches (hatches are kinda off point but i think would be a good addion)

okay i have fixed so you cant see through windows with closed curtains and i have change it so you cannot walk through windows when they are close (however i dont know why you can walk through them from the outside i will have a look at this one later i think it could be small_passage) i will test it later, im not touching lua or game source code so thats out of the window lol

edit: i know what it is i need to change movement cost for the windows and “move_cost”: 1, is set for all windows idk why its 50 and this is the reason you can walk through windows from the outside

i dont have time to test right now but everything should be fixed

edit: need to fix looks like with them ill do this later but the windows work as intended just it looks like the curtains are closed

I had meant it as a terrible pun, but having Googled “windoor” it turns out it’s a legit company.

Now that I’m spending my workday looking at windows… a few of these look pretty neat!

For a legit “window-door”… page 9 of the second brochure seems nice.

Otherwise, I’m surprised I didn’t think of shutters and of fixed windows! And blinds!

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nice I think this would be a nice addition and do-able, I will add this into a new mod though more build-ables when I’ve completed this, I have some c++ work to do for this mod to be complete so my “simple” mod has turned into a bigger project (i like a challenge) expect this to be in a pr after E assuming I’ve worked out the c++ side of things

when i get onto this expect a big mod to come out with new doors and such skimming through that i see i have work to do :slight_smile: might have to do a complete overhaul of the construction but not right now one thing at a time

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