Favriote weapons

Post your fav weapons here!

My favs in order are

Shotgun revolver (for sheer amount of ammo options and commonness + power)
Flaregun (good against small animals and for fun common to boot!)
Katana (for EVERYTHING)
Remington 870 (for if I don’t have a shotgun revolver)
M72 LAW (for a quick bang when needed and common too!)
Dynamite (for when I don’t have a LAW and need a door open)
Savage 111F (good rifle)

EDIT Please note I never use stealth in this game =-) don’t hate

I know it’s cheap but I like the glock and M1911. Both for the same reason, I can start with one of them depending on the profession. The ammo for both is semi common to common.

For melee its the pipe to start then the katana cause, ya know katana.

Quarterstaff for very easy to make + very effective.
Katana for ultimate melee weapon.
RM99 revolver for extremely portable + very deadly

Hatchet - pretty small decent throwing/melee weapon, a tool.
Katana - yeah, powerful stuff in right hands.
Everything pneumatic(especially bolt driver) - silent,deadly,moddable!
Molotovs - I prefer fighting in open fields.
Cars - they ARE weapons!Loud and deadly for both sides.

I have a few preferences,
AK-47 - Because a true STALKER doesn’t go anywhere without a good Soviet weapon.
Flammenschwert - Bad puns all around, and with decent skill you can cut down a horde in a matter of seconds.
Pneumatic Bolt Driver - Good all around assassination/medium range sniper IMO.

I have very little in weapon diversity. :stuck_out_tongue: Right off the bat (no pun intended), a pipe is punched out of the lockers and used for many many days. If I find a wood-axe, it’ll replace the pipe as I tend to need a lot of wood and a wood-axe just takes too much space in one’s inventory.

LAWs are usually my only choices in ranged weaponry, and I always carry two (or more) in case a wild Hulk, Brute or (heaven forbid) a zombear appears.

Zweihänder/Nodachi. Makes short work of Hulks and Zombears.
Katana/Broadsword. Same as above, but is a lot faster.
Aluminium bat. Quick to swing, a great weapon if you find one near the starting location.
Almost all firearms. For I am a gun nut.

My favorite weapons are mainly rifles and I usually have this in my inventory:

1: A long range rifle - mainly for hunting. If I don’t find any I usually make myself a 9mm or a .22 pipe rifle. Easy to make, plenty of ammo. The only drawback is that it’s one-shot.
2: A handgun. I prefer smaller ones, like the SIG Mosquito or a S&W .38
3: A Remington or a Mossberg shotgun always laying in my car, if some Brutes or Hulks show up.
4: A melee weapon: I like the Quarterstaff or a combat knife or a machete.
5: Some explosive surprise, usually one or two grenades, dynamite or something similar.

Redhawk, I love to have a super powerful handgun to get me out of bad situations, the 1911 is something else I use for this, but id rather have single shot reload in a pinch.
Marlin/Savage are my nostalgia guns, ive been playing for ages and before static a silenced Marlin was my walking around gun, while the savage was for turrets/robots/lab runs.
Glock is my goto ‘walking around’ gun now, with turrets dropping 9mm its pretty easy to get piles of ammo for it, ive been playing with spawns at 1.5-2 atm so ive been using the tec 9 a bit for burst fire.
Early melee im going for a nailbat, then after a broadsword/machete (katanas always seem a little bs to me) or the like, maybe a punch dagger for funzies. Crowbar will be melee if im going range heavy and want more space.
5 shot rivitec shotgun seems to have ended up one of my starting firearms rather often, interesting ammo selection makes for some fun there as well.

  1. A katana, then a Rising Sun when I get the chance
  2. A 9mm pistol. 9mm is everywhere, so I don’t need to worry about ammo.
  3. A rocket launcher, usually 40mm. For the really difficult creatures, like Fungal Spires.

Quarterstaff because it’s effective and quick.

Repeating crossbow because no ammo problem and 3 burst fire

Cars because I can ram anything ever with cars the size I build.

Are there no yeomen around here? Damn shame.

Any bow (EXCEPT THE FRAKKING SELF BOW. That thing sucks.)

Quarterstaff. I’ve lived many a days off of that thing.

Knife spear.

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:12, topic:4705”]Are there no yeomen around here? Damn shame.

Any bow (EXCEPT THE FRAKKING SELF BOW. That thing sucks.)[/quote]
Does an air powered crossbow count? It’s TECHNICALLY a bow. Kinda. Sorta.

Grinding up my archery in order to be able to craft bolts for the thing was kinda irritating(stupid standard strength build), but it might make me count as a Yeoman, yeah?

To be considered a yeoman in Cata:

You must have the light survivor suit, hood, gloves, survivor cargo pants, and boots. Alternatively, you can have the survivor trenchcoat, survivor cargo cants, armored fingerless gloves, and any kind of boots.

The weapons you have are the bow, and the quarterstaff preferably. A broadsword or a crude sword will suffice.

Use heavy wooden arrows or metal arrows for best effect.

You know, I haven’t seen a composite, recurve, reflex bow spawn naturally nowadays.

#1 Sling
The first weapon I make. Silent, basically unlimted ammo, good for conserving more valuable ammo and with the David vs Goliath-Headshot-Bonus it is devastating in a 1-3 tile range with sufficient throwing skill. (Only drawback is the lack of armor pierce) Maybe my #1 because I made one in real life and am pretty good at ancient slinging ^^
#2 Pneumatic AR
Basically the Sling on steroids, still need to try out the pneumatic bolt driver, maybe it will kick the PAR off the list. (By the way, I hate mentioning it but isn’t the PAR a little too overpowered? I mean, how does this (and the nailgun/rifle) even work? I suggest that one has to pump the air for every shot. At the moment, the PAR can hold 15 pebbles IIRC. I think after reloading one should have to pump air so that is says “Pneumatic Assault Rifle (15+15)”, the second 15 meaning that the pressure is enough for 15 shots. I don’t know how difficult this is to implement…)
#3 Double Barrel Shotgun
Stylish, and a beast when loaded with slugs. Usually my emergency weapon. Although one can find me at the local school, shooting beanbag shells at zombie kids for shotgunskill raise now and then.
#Any quick blunt weapon
Pipes, quarterstaffs, batons, rocks etc. don’t get stuck, good for “hit’n’run”, especially because of the little stun chance.

I get the feeling I should take a quarter staff for a spin, but with 14 str, why bother if I have a machete?

Saiga is my favorite weapon, painted many a street red with the blood of fallen hellbeast, zombie, etc. with that series of shotguns, get enough slugs and buckshot, and your set for life, until you encounter a field of mines.

Day 1: Makeshift Crowbar
Switch to:

  • actual Crowbar when able
  • nail bat if I find a sporting goods store
  • machete when able

That basically covers my melee for in-game-years. Anything too slow I never use, so a lot of melee weapons don’t even get a second glance from me.

Day ?: Pick up first gun with correct ammo I find.

  • attach suppressor
  • only fire when too wounded/tired to silently melee; fire only at or near point blank for maximum carnage

Oh, and - collect shotgun with largest capacity I can find, keep that loaded & within reach of crafting area for Zombear attacks.

For melee, the nodachi is where it’s at. If you got the strength and skill to use it, then you got a weapon with a powerful weapon with a decent attack speed.

  1. Morningstar

I love the imagery of that weapon, its just too good to pass up. I know the mace is ‘technically’ better with its pure bashing but seriously, wading through crowds of zombies breaking their domes open like cantaloupes is something I enjoy immensly.

  1. G3

Favorite assault rifle EVAR. always carry one wtih me for those special occasions. kitted out this thing is awesome and I just love it

  1. 1911

I own one in RL and its always been a handgun I find incredibly attractive and a joy to use so naturally I try and seek them out whenever possible in games, regardless of the in game ‘stats’