What is your preferred/favorite firearm?

As the title states, what is your preferred firearm for day to day use in the world of DDA. (Bows and such are included as well)

I’d have to go with my 1911 Colt. Lots of slots for mods, and .45 ammo seems pretty common.
The usefulness of the pistol is severely increased with certain mods, currently I have installed a brass catcher, a red dot sight, a waterproofing mechanism, a pistol stock and a 9mm conversion kit I add on and remove at need, making both .45 and 9mm ammo available to me, pretty much making sure I never run out of ammo.
The only drawback with the mod layout is that the stock makes the worn holster unavailable for use.

I used to use a very heavily modded Glock 19, but a while ago I switched to a slightly modded v29. I also use a pistol crossbow with exploding bolts for big targets.

Pistol crossbow with explosive bolts and the rm88 assault rifle to mow down spiters and shockers alike. in whichever mood i am. or the rivtech autorevolver.

The explosives bolts are totaly op >.>

Any handgun, but I prefer revolvers.
For some special occasions I carry NX-17 charge rifle. This one is super robust.

Pneumatic Assault Riffle due to the basically infinite supply of ammo. Also reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R which always makes me feel like a bad ass.

Early game: Whatever is on hand to get me out of a jam.

Late early game: Pneumatic bolt driver. No contest. This bad boy opens up the world for you. I still use it in late game lab dives, too.

Mid-game raiding: Either an RM99 or RM103A. Very powerful, very accurate, the ammo isn’t all that rare, and handmade versions of the ammo can be crafted in (nearly) unlimited quantities. When you are melee-ing a town and just want something in a holster to deal with shockers, brutes, and hulks, one of these is what you want.

Late game: I like the RM88 battle rifle, although it isn’t a horrible idea to also keep a Barrett or a rail rifle around for roadblock clearing duty.

Honorable mention: L2037 Backup (if you can’t get a big Rivtech pistol,) FN Five-Seven or UCP as an ankle holster backup, and, of course, the mini-speargun. For training.

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Anything that uses 20x66mm is a goddamn multitool of a gun. Flares, flechette, explosive, incendiary, everything.

On a related note, I carry a flaregun only for setting triffid queens on fire at a distance. I would love incendiary crossbow bolts.

Even though I have a arsenal of M249s, Ak-47s and a plethora of bows, crossbows, and c-4, I use the good-old fashioned M14, pretty good for all encounters, good stopping power, ammo for me is easy to find, and it can be used as a makeshift sniper rifle. I also carry a Glock 19, suppressor and etc. Pretty robust, and very easy ammo and nearly completely silent.

If i find it. I use the A7 laserrifle. Its boss.

Any shotgun. Whip it out in close range and it’s a “get out of danger free” card.

You guys all seem to be able to easily kill things from 10m. I try to get anything firing 5.56 whenever possible but at 3 skill in marksmanship and rifles I have to empty half a mag to kill a normal zombie at anything over 5m. How do you do it?

Haven’t seen it in ages. I would use it if I found it, though.

Until it attracts the hordes.

Target practice. Practice shooting in a basement or somewhere safe when your focus is high. .22 and 9mm weapons are good for this, if you can find ones that are reasonably accurate. Empty a magazine, read a book, repeat. (I mean, it’s not like you were going to use that .22 ammo for anything else, right?)

…Or, even better, use weapons that have reusable/infinitely craftable ammunition. Bows, spearguns, pneumatic weapons, etc.

Also, in most cases, I don’t try to kill normal Z’s from farther than 5m anyway.

What skills are required to craft the pneumatic bolt weapons? I’ve heard them mentioned a lot, and they sound very useful.

My favourite firearm so far has been a heavily-modified M1911. It was small, fairly powerful, and decently accurate after modifications.

The Desert Eagle is doing pretty well for me atm. Kills brutes in a couple of shots.

I like using a UMP45 in the late game, not very big, commonplace ammo, a bigger mag than a pistol and burst fire. The IAR is decent too, fires commonplace 5.56, and has more range than an m4, the only problem is that the burst is somewhat long.

I dont like using the rivtechguns because I feel that using them against anything other than a hulk/jabberwock/horrible-late-game-monster is wasting the ammo, I always carry the auto-revolver just in case, though.

I am making my own rivtech ammo. And i spend it to shoot zombie kids…

It would also be better if there where som actually good targets for these guns because i can pretty much beat every type of zomby up in meele.
And no a tank bot isn t a good target for guns… They are good targets for rpgs xD or for getting hacked.

whatever spawns with most ammo in the LMOE Shelter, Top 2 seams to be the .44 Magnum (Ruger Redhawk, Deagle) or the .45 ACP (M1911, .45 Rifle (I forget the name)), the Taurus Raging Bull with .454 Casull is nice also (Hellsing ARMS Casull anyone?)

also, what stat determines how quite the gun is? and what’s better, negative recoil or higher recoil? I’m guessing negative Recoil but I’m not sure? also what does the dispersion stat do?

less dispersion = better aim
less recoil is better so negative means it will even dampen the effect of your used ammo(probably).

I used to fire crossbows + stell bolts but now i prefer reflex recurve bow and any pistols (mostly combination of powerfull+hi cap or 2 hi caps and sometimes laser+any other) rifles are good too like mossin nagat or barret