What's your favorite weapon loadout?

My primary is recurve reflex bow with stabilizer and a large quiver of metal arrows. I find this bow combo tends to be as deadly as a shotgun, with slightly better range/damage potential. The metal arrows seem to last a long time, and I manage to reclaim almost all of them. Best of all, you don’t make any noise!

I also carry an RM228 short shotgun in a standard holster. For the most part, I don’t need it much now that my bow skill is high, but it’s good against skeletons and anything else that absolutely must be insta-gibbed :slight_smile:

For turrets or large crowds, I keep an RM11B Scout Rifle in a back holster. The rifle is pretty pimped out with mods, and you can easily take out turrets with standard rounds.

I also carry a random “pistol of the day” in an ankle holster, as well as a combat knife, holstered in a survivor utility belt.

What do you carry on your adventures?

I usualy carry arround a naginata and a Heavy railgun… endgame.
However i carry various things arround depending on what i have and what i want to do.
I do stuff tons of weapons into my car n then take with me whatever i feel like.

Oh, I have a ludicrous amount of weapons stored in the truck. I’ve never tried a railgun of any sort before, so I guess I should give one a try! Sounds deadly :slight_smile:

What i like doing most with the Heavy railgun is shooting zombies through reinforced glass panels or walls (by guessing where they are).
If your skilled you can score hits in a range of 200-350 dmg… I nearly onehit a Hulk.

Spears are, as usual, delicious. Assuming I don’t abuse krav maga instead.

For ranged weapons, I tend to only go with bows when trying an innawoods character, normally you can get a few good guns and rotate them as ammo becomes available, in the cities at least.

I never leave home without my trusty Survivor Machete (unless I don’t have one). The Pneumatic Bolt Driver with Metal or better yet Steel Bolts is amazing so it’s almost always a solid choice. But even it pales in comparison to the A7 Laser Rifle coupled with Bionic UPS which is by far the hardest setup to acquire in my experience but the most effective at vaporizing hordes. I do try to carry either a holstered RM99 Revolver or RM103A Automagnum as a backup/panic weapon though, along with a Hunting Knife for butchering.

Starting to love spears here along with a vehicle mounted a7 laser attached to my “bike”

and here also question why overpenetration isn’t a thing, would think a .50 bmg or railcannon would deal some damage to what is behind what it hits

then again…some car parts are still magically blocking bullets without damaging the car…

Steel Spear , Bow , Shotgun.

Usually whatever I can get my hands on. I’m a newb, so I’ve never had a character live longer than two days. >_<

Spears have been just lovely ever since they added the reach attack.

You’ll get the hang of it, much like in DF. And when in doubt, one can always bump up the starting points.

Where’s the fun in that?

True. In any case, crafting your own weapons is always good when starting out. Another thing making spears useful. X3

Right now, my carry kit is a katana (soldering iron reinforced- apparently increases damage?) and a modded Ruger Redhawk. I’m working on putting a .308 conversion into an L2037 and turning it into a carbine, but I can’t figure out how to get marksmanship to 6 without RIDICULOUS wastes of ammo. It’s very effective, though, I highly suggest the kit.

Firing a bow trains marksmanship too. You ll still be wasting ammo… but not hard to craft ammo.

Can be a pain to craft a decent amount. At least if you’re on the move, and storing it would likewise be annoying if on foot.

I’d recommend getting a bow. If you’ve already got Marksman to 5, the bow will help. Make yourself a recurve reflex bow and 20-30 metal arrows. You’ll be one-shotting Z’s in no time, and you can reclaim almost all your ammo. The Z’s won’t come running when you shoot it, either, which means you can storm your way thru a horde by doing a night raid, and keep the battle on your terms. My current char just started his second season, and Marksman just went over level 8. It takes a while. Mechanics are 21 though, so I guess you can see what I spend my time doing :slight_smile:

Slingshots are also dirt-cheap and ammo-efficient, not sure if accuracy is enough to get you up to that marksmanship level though.

Slings are more powerful, but less accurate and train a different weapon skill.

Well then get your mechanic high enough build a bolt driver and then craft wooden crossbowbolts. crafting those is as easy as it gets.
Any crossbow would work too i think.

Yessss, crossbow. Do it dorf-style.

Yeah bows are for tree fondling hippies.